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Maine has its own criminal code, like all other states, but Maine law isn’t the only legal code you need to be concerned with. The United States government has its own criminal code, and while many federal laws are very similar to state criminal statutes, they also differ in important ways. For instance, the penalties can often be much harsher in federal criminal court.

What this means for federal defendants is that their lawyers need to be prepared to work under a completely different set of rules. And the stakes are high – penalties for federal crimes usually result in long prison sentences and higher fines. Further, you will go to federal prison, not state prison, meaning there is no guarantee that your incarceration will take place close enough for your family to visit you. In short, if you are facing federal charges, you want to talk to Bangor federal criminal defense lawyers to explore your options.

Federal and State Laws Often Overlap

While a number of crimes are subject to prosecution under both federal and state laws, usually state law takes precedence. However, for crimes that occur in more than one state or involved multi-state crime rings, it is likely that federal prosecutors will step in. Also, some federal laws have no state counterpart, and so federal prosecutors would pursue federal charges. Crimes that occur in national parks or on Native American reservations also are exclusively federal. Crimes generally subject to federal prosecution include:

  • Drug crimes, while also subject to state law, often become federal cases depending upon the drug involved, the number of drugs involved, or when interstate or international trafficking is involved. If you are facing federal drug charges, count on a longer sentence than under state law.
  • White-collar crimes, which usually involve fraud, internet crimes, securities violations, and embezzlement, often on an interstate level.
  • Multi-state crimes of violence, such as serial killings, serial rapists, organized crime, hate crimes, and terrorism.
  • Computer crimes, usually fraud-related, which usually involve multi-state operations.
  • Fraud against the government, including healthcare fraud, Medicare fraud, tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and more.

Federal Investigations

Another major difference between state and federal cases is that federal agencies have extensive resources to investigate and build a case against a defendant. If you believe you are under federal investigation for any reason or federal agents want to talk to you, always have a federal criminal defense attorney representing you during any communications with investigators, prosecutors, or any federal authorities. 

If You Are Facing Federal Criminal Charges in Bangor, Talk to the Attorneys of The Maine Criminal Defense Group

Federal criminal charges are extremely serious. If you are facing federal criminal charges, you need attorneys who are experienced in dealing with federal prosecutors. If you have been charged with a federal crime, you should immediately seek legal assistance from the federal criminal law attorneys of The Maine Criminal Defense Group. We have the experience and resources to provide the help you need.

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