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Gorham is a town in southern Maine, just to the west of Portland, with a population of 6,882 in the 2010 census. As a close suburb to what is becoming one of the hottest cities in New England, Gorham has become the fastest-growing community in the state of Maine. The financial website NerdWallet even ranked Gorham as the second best town in Maine for young families, citing its rapid growth, low unemployment rates, and high number of artistic events held every year.

With all of this in mind, it should not come as a surprise that Gorham is younger and more affluent than the Maine state average. The median age of Gorham is 32.5 years old, while Maine’s is 44. Additionally, Gorham’s median household income – a good way of determining a community’s collective wealth – is $67,190, significantly over the median household income of the whole of Maine, which is $46,974.

As expected with this kind of young, affluent, and suburban background, Gorham’s crime statistics show that it is one of the safer towns in Maine, with violent and property crime rates well below the national average. These numbers remain low, despite the small police force in the town, which had only 1.4 officers per 1,000 residents in 2012, lower than the Maine state average of 1.7.

Due in large part to the fact that one of the University of New England’s (UNE) college campuses are in Gorham, Gorham PD aggressively patrols the community for DUI offenders. College kids like to drink and some of them like to drink and drive. Gorham PD aggressively pursues and prosecute college-aged DUI offenders. Of course, this aggressive enforcement of Maine’s drunk driving laws results in other, ordinary citizens, getting picked up for an OUI offense in Gorham.

Location of Court

If you get arrested in Gorham for operating your car under the influence (OUI), then your case will be heard by the court in the Portland District Court. For details on the unique aspects of that court, as well as directions and parking information, please see our Portland page.


Like all towns in Cumberland County, Gorham is within the jurisdiction of District Attorney Stephanie Anderson. Ms. Anderson has been the Cumberland County District Attorney since 1991. Over the course of her countless years as head prosecutor, she has divided her office of prosecutors into teams, each of which is led by an experienced attorney, and responsible for all of the cases coming from their assigned police departments.

Attorney The Maine Criminal Defense Group

OUI charges are serious matters. The consequences of an OUI conviction are severe. Hiring a highly-qualified OUI-defense attorney like The Maine Criminal Defense Group can make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. With his intimate knowledge of breathalyzers, field sobriety tests, and the unique aspects of the criminal process in each one of Maine’s many district courts, The Maine Criminal Defense Group has made a name for himself as Maine’s premier OUI-defense attorney.

If you’ve been arrested and charged for OUI in Gorham, call Maine Criminal Defense Group or contact him online to start preparing your defense.

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