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Experienced Defense Representation for All Types of Criminal Charges

No matter why you are arrested, the criminal justice process ahead of you can be a challenging one with your freedom and finances at stake. You should always seek the assistance of a Westbrook criminal defense attorney right away, so please do not delay in calling The Maine Criminal Defense Group today. 

No Case is Too Serious

Whether you have a speeding ticket or are accused of murder, you can benefit greatly from the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our law firm takes on all types of criminal cases, and the following are only a few examples. 


Operating under the influence (OUI) – or DUI/DWI in many states – is taken very seriously in Maine. OUI can involve having your driving ability impaired by alcohol or drugs or having a blood alcohol content (BAC) over 0.8 percent for most drivers. 

Drug Offenses

There are many different substances that are unlawful to sell or possess in Maine, including prescription drugs without a proper prescription. While recreational marijuana possession is now allowed in Maine, there are still harsh penalties for the possession or sale of other types of drugs.

Theft Crimes

Many different offenses involve taking something that is not yours, whether it is money, property, or services. These include larceny, shoplifting, embezzlement, robbery (which involves force), and more. Most white-collar crimes involve an element of theft, as well. 

Sex Crimes

Sex offenses are highly stigmatized, and many allegations might be false or overblown. Sex crimes can range from indecent exposure to gross felony sexual assault, and many convictions require sex offender registration.

Violent Crimes

There are many violent offenses set out in Maine law, many of which are serious felonies. These can include assault, terrorizing, manslaughter, murder, domestic violence, and more. 

Weapons Offenses

Maine takes the right to possess firearms seriously, though it also has restrictions under the law, and violating these laws can result in serious criminal charges. You can also have other charges enhanced if an offense involved a weapon.

Juvenile Allegations

Minors can be accused of crimes just like adults, and they might face proceedings in juvenile court or adult criminal court. In either case, you want the right attorney protecting your child’s future.

Probation Violations

Probation is generally preferable to jail time, though it can involve strict conditions. If you are accused of violating the terms of your probation, you can face additional criminal penalties.

Federal Offenses

Some crimes are charged under federal law, and the case is handled in federal court. You want an attorney with experience handling federal cases, as the process can be quite different than state-level charges. 

Learn How Our Skilled Westbrook Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

No matter what type of criminal charge you face, The Maine Criminal Defense Group is ready to help and protect your rights. Contact our office directly to learn how a Westbrook criminal defense attorney can help in your case.

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