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Charges: Unlawful Sexual Contact (Class “C” felony); Assault (Class “D”)

Maximum Penalty: 6 years prison if convicted on both charges; $7,000.00 fine

Summary: Client was accused of “fondling” his daughter’s best friend during a camping trip.  The “victim’s” story never made sense and her recollection of the events was contradicted by a lot of the evidence my PI team was able to secure on the client’s behalf.  The event allegedly occurred in the morning while my client’s wife was cooking breakfast (less than 10 feet away from the girls’ room).  Furthermore, my client had to climb over his daughter in order to get to the “victim”.  The story was highly implausible.

Result: Client accepted a plea to simple assault in order to avoid the chance, however slim, of a felony conviction.  Client avoided doing any jail time and was able to avoid being placed on the sex offender registry.  The felony Unlawful Sexual Contact was dismissed in return for the plea to misdemeanor assault.

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