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Offense: Domestic Violence Assault & Domestic Violence Terrorizing

Mandatory Minimum Penalty: 2 years probation, completion of Certified Batters Intervention Program

Maximum Penalty: $3,000.00 fine, 18 months jail, 2 years probation

Summary: Client and his girlfriend got into an argument.  An alleged struggle ensued whereby the client was said to have knocked the girlfriend down and threatened to shoot her.  Girlfriend went to her son’s home who then called 911 and the client was subsequently arrested.

Result: Client placed on deferred disposition for a period of one year.  Upon successful completion of the program, both DV charges will be dismissed and client will be sentenced on one count of disorderly conduct for a modest fine.  Client was pleased with the outcome as he was able to avoid jail as well as the stigma of a DV conviction.

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