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William T. Bly

William Bly at The Maine Criminal Defense Group
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Great group of people. Managed to get me a favorable outcome from a very bad situation. I would highly recommend this firm if you have legal troubles. Top notch performance!!

Dave Allen

William T. Bly


Owner and Managing Attorney William T. Bly has spent two decades building a law practice centered on the pursuit of justice with an unwavering commitment to his clients.

He is committed to fighting for individuals confronting legal challenges embodying the principles of integrity, compassion, and perseverance. The pursuit of justice transcends mere obligation. For Attorney Bly, it is a profound calling.

Representing clients in both federal and state courts, he has successfully defended individuals facing an array of charges, including manslaughter, aggravated felony assault, simple assault, criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, domestic violence assault, possession of drugs, trafficking in drugs, conspiracy to traffic in drugs, serious sex assaults involving children, gross sexual assault, and child pornography cases.

Actively engaging in OUI seminars nationwide, Attorney Bly consistently expands his knowledge to provide optimal defenses for his clients. He has extensive experience litigating and trying drunk driving cases before Maine juries including OUI manslaughter, aggravated OUI, OUI involving serious accidents with bodily injury, high breath test OUI cases, OUI cases where a blood draw was performed, and driving under the influence of drugs.

After achieving a reputation as an unapologetically fierce trial attorney during his first decade of practicing law, he decided to pursue a higher level of trial advocacy and was accepted to the prestigious undergraduate and graduate programs of the Trial Lawyers College, founded by Gerry Spence. There, he honed his effective trial skills and cultivated a deep understanding of human behavior and its intersection with trial practice.

A Veteran of the US Army, Attorney Bly’s sense of duty and honor runs deep, shaping his approach to both life and law. His journey through academia led him to Rutgers University, where he studied Political Science, before continuing his education at the University of Maine School of Law.

Attorney Bly lives in southern Maine.  Beyond his legal work, Attorney Bly finds solace embracing nature and the outdoors through his interests in skiing, mountain biking and fly fishing in the deep backwoods of Maine’s lake regions.

The Maine Criminal Defense Group

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As a member of several prestigious legal associations, including the Maine State Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the American Trial Lawyers Association, Maine Association of Trial Lawyers, the National College of DUI Defense, the DUI Defense Lawyers Association, and the York County (Maine) Bar Association, Attorney Bly maintains a strong and enduring network within the legal community.

A Message From William Bly

The Maine Legal Group is committed to ensuring every client receives nothing less than our utmost compassion, care, and attention, with an eye towards achieving the very best client-driven outcomes.

We are relentless in our pursuit of those outcomes, regardless of what opposing counsel, judges and the system in general say our clients are or are not entitled to.

William Bly has been recognized by his peers for excellence in the criminal and DWI field and is highly rated by his clients.

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The Maine Criminal Defense Group handles all areas of criminal defense practice, including legal representation for state and federal charges. We are knowledgeable and compassionate and will work to help you get results that you are not only happy with, but that are reached in a fair and compromising manner.


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If you have been charged with assault, theft, drug possession, or any other type of crime in Maine, contact us now. Our team of attorneys provide professional and aggressive criminal defense representation for all your legal needs.

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The Maine Criminal Defense Group

The Maine Criminal Defense Group adeptly handles all areas of criminal defense practice, including experienced and skilled legal representation for state and federal charges.

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