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Our reviews showcase the satisfaction and gratitude of individuals who received exceptional legal representation and support during their time of need. Discover what clients have to say about their experiences with our tenacious legal team.

Top Notch Performance!!

Great group of people. Managed to get me a favorable outcome from a very bad situation. I would highly recommend this firm if you have legal troubles. Top notch performance!!

Dave Allen

So Thankful I chose This Team

So thankful I chose this team to represent me. They’re the best, hands down. Nathan Hitchcock proved my innocence not once but TWICE, including a trial by jury. I have a family in law enforcement who told me “Bill Bly and his team are the best. If I would recommend anyone, it would be them.”

Brandon Albert

Great Firm To Have In Your Corner

Great firm to have in your corner for both criminal and family law matters. Worked extensively with both managing partner Bill Bly and attorney Tom Richard, both were valuable assets to me. Highly recommend.


Highly Recommend

Highly recommend. Caught an OUI charge while working in Maine as an out-of-state employee. Without details, all odds were stacked against me. I was completely shocked to when jury levied a not guilty.

Ed Gardner

I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience!

I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience! Everyone I spoke with or worked with was incredibly understanding and compassionate. I was dealing with a very difficult matter and Attorney Stone was so kind and caring in a time that was very hard. I have never had such a great experience with an attorney and couldn’t recommend them more! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!!


Do Not Worry – This Team has got your back

After being arrested for a second OUI and other serious/felony charges, I came to Bill and his team for help. He took the time to listen to what I had to say, took notes, and explained to me the seriousness of the charges I was facing and possible outcomes. However, despite how hopeless the situation appeared to be, he believed something could be done and, most importantly, he and his team were willing to help. The whole Maine Criminal Defense group was very attentive, meticulous, and organized in their approach. Bill is great at setting the right expectations from the start. He tells the truth and stays connected to reality. It almost reminded me of the Stockdale paradox where you trust that in the end, everything will be ok, but he makes sure that you still understand the reality of your current situation. He spoke clearly, outlined the process, proposed solutions, and was always open to suggestions from me or members of my family. I was impressed with his ability to think on his feet and come up with brilliant plans that somehow yielded results beyond my own expectations (no felony charges). The Maine Criminal Defense team was always available and prompt to answer any questions. They were always cheerful, polite, caring, and involved. They have a sense of purpose, which appears to be to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. That’s exactly what they’ve delivered in my case. I highly recommend the Maine Criminal Defense team to anyone who has any legal issues and/or has lost hope. You will find that this is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Your case will be in good hands!!! Many Thanks to Bill and the entire Maine Criminal Defense team for all your help!


Stop Looking, There’s No One Better

You will not find better than William Bly and the Maine Criminal Defense Group. He has taken care of numerous charges for me since 2015, with almost entirely favorable results, even when things were not looking good at all. Attorney Bly will not promise you good things to get hired or to make you feel better, he is always straight forward and realistic, but has always gotten better results for me than he would lead me to expect at the beginning. This is a team that makes time for you. When I went to my first consultation with Attorney Bly back in 2015, I called and he was on his way out of town for the weekend, but he said if I could get to his office, he had a half an hour. I’ll never forget, he showed up in a superman shirt, which never reflected on his professionalism, but only to show how available he makes himself for his clients at all times. I’ve called the office well after dark from jail, and there was not only someone to pick up the phone, but they put me right through to Mr Bly himself. He’s a great attorney, who absolutely knows what he’s doing, but he’s also diligent in making time for his clients, and caring about them too. I absolutely love his team in the office as well, they’re always friendly, and understanding, even when you’re embarrassed or crying. Attorney Bly and the Maine Criminal Defense Group is truly the whole package.


Won’t Hesitate To Refer You

Thank you for everything you did for my son. He and I both appreciate the hard work that you put into this case. He has been able to turn his life around now this is behind him. I know that you are paid to do a job, but I want you to know that you always made him & I feel like he was your only client. Neither one of us ever felt like you were just there for the money. Rather, we knew you really cared about his case & really listened. Thank you again for all of your help. Hopefully, no one I know gets an OUI in the future but if they do, I won’t hesitate to refer your services.

Melissa C.

Professionalism And Seamless Defense

I feel honesty is the best policy. I am a 25-year-old from West Virginia, and I was charged with seven counts in total (two felonies). The MCDG is exceptional with regards to communication and knowledge. My case was handled entirely by my attorney—my physical attendance only required at one court hearing. All documentation is made available on their portal as well as events, messaging, tasks and billing sections. As human beings, we all make mistakes; having an experienced criminal defense organization for representation is invaluable.

Upon conviction, I would have faced upwards of 10 years imprisonment according to Title 17-A, Chapter 63. I am happy to say that I was only incarcerated for SEVEN DAYS, and four total charges were completely dismissed including BOTH felonies.

Freedom restored; no gun restrictions, no work limitations, no dispossession of any kind—as if the entire proceedings never occurred.

The outcome would have been much less favorable if I did not have the MCDG on my side. Look no further for professionalism and seamless defense.

James Accord

Parent of A Teen With Legal Issues

I can’t tell you as a parent of a teen with legal issues, the amount of caring and compassion that this team provides is phenomenal! From the first time we met and as we continue to work with them, the positivity that the team displays makes you feel better about a difficult situation. Honest and fair are other attributes that can be found with this firm. The team is responsive, answers all questions and works with you to the best possible solution for your situation. If I would have any advice for any parent with a child with legal issues, call this firm when you feel you need for the best in legal help!


I Knew I Had Found The Right Place!

I have never needed a criminal law attorney in my lifetime… until I did.  I found myself in serious legal jeopardy and needed the best law firm I could find.  Fortunately, after much research, I called the Maine Criminal Defense Group.  From the first moments of the very first call I knew I had found the right place!

Not only did I have the counsel of some outstanding attorneys, but also the help and assistance of the entire MCDG firm. My situation was very serious, complex and complicated, putting my life and certainly my future in serious jeopardy.  Every person at MCDG was helpful, professional and responsive to every detail of my situation… more importantly, they were effective and got great results!

MCDG achieved results far beyond what I felt was even possible.  I am very grateful toward and forever indebted to MCDG for getting my life and my future back.   Give them the chance to do for you what they have done for me!  Outstanding and well done MCDG!!!

Gil Clark

Couldn’t Ask For A Better Team

Couldn’t ask for a better team to help me. Easy to communicate with and get questions answered. Always respectful and patient when asked about things I didn’t understand. If I could give them six stars I would. Every one from the person picking up the phone to the guys handling my case made the entire experience easy and pleasant. Cannot recommend them highly enough. If you are looking for help stop looking and hire these guys, you won’t regret it.

Grypht 2019

The Lawyers Are Amazing

If you are looking for an attorney the Maine Criminal Defense Group is for you, the lawyers are amazing, pay attention to detail, and know exactly what they are talking about. Before hiring them I spoke with other attorneys and they simply did not care as much as the Maine criminal defense group and didn’t seem to want to take my case to trial. Not only are the lawyers amazing but their staff was wonderful and always answered any questions, calls or texts I had. Because of their hard work on my case I have no criminal record and was found not guilty. If you are looking for the best stop here you found it.

Alana Mulvilhill

Outstanding Lawyers And Law Professionals

This is a group of outstanding lawyers and law professionals who guided me through the process and always had my best interests at heart. They were extremely knowledgeable about the legal situation of my case and how to handle it. If it was not for William Bly and his Firm I would not have had the outcome I had. Thank you Bill and his team!

Fred Murphy

My Guardian Angels

When I first walked into the law office of the Maine Criminal Defense Group I was scared and destroyed. I was immediately greeted by their very friendly receptionist. After a few minutes of talking to Mr. Bill Bly and his incredible team I knew that the choice made to go in there was a right one. It was a great feeling to be listened to and comforted by people who generally just seem to care. The hard work and effort that team produced was by far beyond any expectations that I could ever have had. They were well informed in not only the law but in my rights as an individual. After five years of knowing these incredible people I have grown to call them my friends, my family and most importantly my GUARDIAN ANGELS. I can never thank them enough for fighting so diligently to get my life back.


An innocent and free man with the rest of his life to look forward to thanks to this team.

Jeremy Teague

Top Notch Firm

I highly recommend The Maine Criminal Defense Group. All the staff are very polite, compassionate and informative. They answered all my questions and came to the best solution for my situation. I appreciate their guidance through this tough period. Many thanks to Nathan Hitchcock, Bill Bly and the team.

Richard C


Mr. Bill Bly and his team have been nothing
short of phenomenal. They resolved my case with breakneck expertise. Would have liked to thank them in person. I am so thankful and fortunate I chose their firm. Highly recommend Bill Bly and the Maine Criminal Defense Group.

William Downing

Excellent Service

Bill Bly did an excellent job of listening and addressing our concerns. He answered all of our questions in a timely manner and got results. I highly recommend his services!!!

John H


I have had the honor and privilege of working with Mr. Bly who was extremely knowledgeable and thorough and whose expertise in all legal matters was truly outstanding. Mr. Bly was kind, and helpful every step of the way. I would highly recommend Mr. Bly. There can be no attorney better. You will be in good, competent hands with Mr. Bly. I give him the highest rating possible.


William is salt of the earth

I’ve gotten to know William through numerous legal conferences and have been incredibly impressed with how serious he cares about his clients and how he is a true human who wants to take care of your future. I will always refer my clients to his firm whenever I can.

Francisco Sirvent





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