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Saco Maine Criminal AttorneysWhether or not you committed the crime you were charged with in Saco, you will still need an attorney to represent you in court to guarantee the best outcome for your situation. Even if you are not guilty of the crime you are being charged with you will need someone who is able to obtain the information to prove your’re innocent in the court of law.

What you did commit the crime you are being charged with?

We will be there to help you through possibly the most difficult situation of your life and fight to get the least severe penalty possible. Whether or not you have admitted to being guilty, as experienced and highly respected criminal lawyers in Saco and throughout the state of Maine, we will fight for your rights.

We will work towards negotiating a plea bargain which could result in a lower sentence, possible probation in lieu of jail time, or reduced fines all in the hopes of helping you get back on track to living your life.

Selecting the best criminal law firm in Saco can be an arduous task but you should take comfort in knowing you can ask any of our attorneys an questions regarding your case, our experience, and what we realistically believe the outcome for your specific situation will be. You want to know that you are placing your life, freedom, finances in capable hands that will fight to get the best outcome for your situation.

Crime Stats in Saco, ME

As of 2020 the crime index in Saco, Maine is sitting 38 which translates to Saco being safer than only 38% of US cities. While these numbers can seem a little startling this stat can translate into 1 in 951 people have the chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime but 1 67 people can fall victim to a property related crime.

There are a number of reasons that could lead an individual to take part in a violent crime against another person or property. Sometimes an individuals life choices, friends, or peers can attribute to an individuals downward decline into committing a crime. Being tried and prospected of a criminal charge can further destroy your life making it difficult to get back on track. Our criminal defense attorney’s at The Maine Criminal Defense Group have the knowledge and tenacity to help you with your criminal charges and give you the chance to turn you life around.

Common Criminal Offenses in Saco, Maine

Some of the most common areas of criminal charges that we see include:
OUI/ DUI Offenses – One of the biggest concerns in Saco is drivers under the influence. When a decision involves consuming alcohol or drugs and getting behind the wheel, innocent people could suffer. For this reason, police are extra vigilant in popular college areas.
Domestic Violence – Saco has a low number of assaults, but that does not mean crimes do not occur. Domestic violence can take many forms. Stalking, threatening, and sexual abuse can all be forms of domestic violence.
Marijuana Crimes – Because of the high number of young people in the city, Saco police are always on the lookout for marijuana. Possession of small quantities is a Class E offense, but cultivation or distributing can lead to Class B charges.
Drug Possession – Drug crimes in Saco are a problem that exist throughout the Maine. Prescription drug fraud and abuse are particularly bad. Possession of any controlled substance can result in serious consequences as Saco police are looking to crack down.
Theft CrimesTheft, larceny, and burglary are the most common property crimes in Saco.
Juvenile Offenses – A hard reality is that where there are kids, students, & colleges that are also underage kids being offered alcohol or even drugs. Police in Saco monitor the roads closely and underage OUI and underage drinking are common offenses.
Weapon Charges – The gun laws in Maine regulate the possession, sale and use of firearms and ammunition throughout the state. Maine allows for the concealed carry of a weapon upon issue of a permit from the local or state police, and it is unlawful to carry any firearm concealed without this permit. In addition to federal gun laws, Maine state laws also prohibit people from carrying guns for other reasons as well.
Probation Violations – Nearly 35% of all Maine state prison admissions in 2006 were offenders who returned to jail as a result of probation violations. If you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation, you must take swift action to protect your rights and avoid suffering the penalties of your original offense.

Saco Court Location

There is no district court situated in Saco, Maine, however the closest courthouse is located in Biddeford at the York County District Court.


Clerk: Julie Howard, Manager of York County Court Operations
Phone: (207) 283-1147
TTY: 711 Maine Relay

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. except for Court HolidaysAdministrative Weeks and closings due to storms or emergencies.


Street parking in front of courthouse. Parking lot behind building. If you park in the lot behind the courthouse, please display your parking permit or you are subject be being ticketed and/or towed.


  • No firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind.
  • No food or drink in courtrooms.
  • No cell phones, cameras, or other electronic recording devices in courtrooms.
  • No pets, except service animals.


Saco Maine OUI defense lawyers at WTB Law strive to legally represent people in Saco against OUI allegations. With our strong advocacy and staunch defense, you can protect your future from groundless accusations and invoke your rights, like preserving your right to drive or avoiding the costly penalties of an OUI conviction.

Call Maine’s experienced OUI defense lawyers at WTB Law at (207) 386-8643 or contact us online if you have been charged with drunk or drugged driving.

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