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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Auburn, Maine

Auburn Maine Criminal Defense Lawyers

According to www.city-data.com, in 2011 the city of Auburn had a much higher crime rate then any of the surrounding cities. It is interesting to note that violent crimes like murder and assault were almost 50% lower than the national average, while property crimes like theft and burglary were slightly above the national average the same year.

Perhaps this is why Auburn has more police officers per resident than most cities in Maine. In 2011, the city had 57 full time law enforcement employees. That is roughly 2.17 officers per 1,000 people.

Auburn has recently begun a new way for residents to monitor crime in their community. The city now offers an online program that allows people to look at what crimes are being reported and where. The system, which is called RAIDS, is an online program that is synced with Auburn’s criminal records system. The site displays what kind of crimes were reported and marks them on a map of the city. You can go here to try it out.

RAIDS is a way for citizens to know about the crimes that go on around their homes, schools, jobs and in their public spaces. The city hopes it will help people make safe decisions and stay informed about safety issues. There is also way to anonymously report crimes on the site.

Criminal Crimes we will defend in Auburn, Maine

  • Domestic Violence: When one member of a household abuses another member, this is referred to as domestic violence. The abuse can be sexual, physical, emotional, verbal or even economical. In 2012, Auburn police responded to 427 domestic violence reports. Of those, 115 arrests were made. Offenders were 80% male and 20% female. The majority of offenses were for assault.
  • Drug Charges: There are many areas of drug crimes that you can face charges for such as possession of marijuana, trafficking, prescription fraud, or cultivating drugs. The State of Maine also has a growing problem with prescription drug abuse.
  • Sex Crimes: Crimes such as rape, sexual assault or molestation can be very serious, particularly when children are involved. Gross sexual assault crimes can even lead to Class A charges. Though rape statistics are low for the city of Auburn, accusations do occur as the city has 38 registered sex offenders.
  • Theft Charges: Theft crimes involve taking something that does not belong to you without permission or payment. You can be charged with theft by accepting goods you know were stolen or by using services or property without permission as well. Penalties for theft depend a lot on the amount of what was stolen, your criminal record and the circumstances surrounding the crime. Theft crimes are one of the most common offenses in Auburn. As a result, prosecutors may want to make an example of offenders and request extra punishment for a conviction.
  • OUI Defense: Any DUI charge is one of the most common criminal offenses. A DUI can have long term effects on your life and even a first time offender can receive jail time, steep fines, loss of license and more. You can check this site to see if any police sobriety checkpoints are scheduled by Auburn police.
  • Violent Crimes: Violent crime charges include Reckless Conduct, Stalking, Terrorizing, Criminal Threatening, Assault, Manslaughter and Murder. The violent crime rate in Auburn is well below the national average, so judges and prosecutors may treat those accused with extra severity and push for the maximum sentencing.
  • White Collar Crimes: These charges include anything from Bribery to Ponzi schemes to Insider trading. They can also include Cybercrimes, Identity theft, Money laundering and Forgery.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Auburn, Maine

In an effort to make the city a safer place, Auburn police have many programs that they participate in every year such as awareness months for various crimes like sexual assault and stalking, back to school safety awareness, prescription drug collection programs and planned months of extra OUI enforcement. Many of these programs mean increased efforts to spot and arrest offenders of specific crimes.

For every criminal offense, there is also a defense option. If you have been arrested in Auburn, call our office right now. Our attorneys are experienced with the criminal courts system in Auburn and will be able to assist you regardless of the charges you are facing.

Auburn, Maine Court Information

Superior Court

Androscoggin County Superior Court is located in Auburn.

2 Turner St
P.O. Box 3660
Auburn, ME 04212

Clerk: Linda Mason
Phone: (207) 330-7500
TTY: (207) 330-7500
Jury Trial Status: (800) 222-0112
Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

District Court

The district court for the city of Auburn is located in Lewiston.

71 Lisbon Street
P.O BOX 1345
Lewiston, ME 04240

Clerk: Sue Bement
Acting Clerk: Michele Haggan
Phone: (207) 795-4800
TTY: (207) 783-5457
Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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