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Ogunquit Crime Statistics

Ogunquit Maine Criminal Defense LawyersThe city of Ogunquit has a very low crime rate. According to statistics, they have not had a rape, murder or robbery in years. The crime rate is well below the national average and the average for Maine. The only serious criminal offenses that police have to deal with are thefts and burglaries. These crimes make up a large portion of all criminal offenses in the city. The Ogunquit police website even has a special page warning citizens about so called ‘gypsy scams’ where a person will enter a home during the day, often while the homeowner is elsewhere on the property, and steal items.

Since police officers are not out solving murders and other violent crimes, they have more time to focus on enforcing the law. This means extended efforts to catch DUI drivers. Ogunquit has a police staff of 11 including 9 officers. This may seem small, but it is an extremely small town. In 2009, the population was only 1,256. The police officer to citizen ratio is actually very high and it gives officers the room to catch DUI and drug crime offenders.

Ogunquit Criminal Courts

There are two courts that hear Ogunquit criminal cases – Superior and District. District courts are the only courts that seat juries, so you will likely have your criminal trial at District court unless you waived your right to a jury.

York County Superior Court

45 Kennebunk Rd.
Alfred, ME 04002

Acting Clerk: Tamara Rueda
Phone: (207) 324-5122
TTY: (207) 459-7860
Jury Trial Status: (800) 322-2240
Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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