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When you are charged with a crime and require skilled negotiators with extensive trial experience, we are your experienced advocates, focused on protecting your rights and reaching your best outcome.

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If you have been charged with sexual assault, an OUI, drug possession, domestic violence or any other type of crime in Maine, you have come to the right place.

At MCDG, we provide professional and committed criminal defense and OUI representation exceeding the expectations of our clients. Professional excellence requires passion, and we believe that means investing our heart and soul into the work we do to secure your freedom and your future.

We are results driven – working together to achieve the maximum impact and effect for you, our client, each and every day.

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Why The Maine Criminal Defense Group?


You’ll work with a team that cares deeply about your well-being. Our team of attorneys, paralegals and legal support professionals makes sure that each client receives hands-on and personalized attention throughout the life of your case.

We are accessible and responsive, and our modern office technology plays a critical role in our ability to deliver superior and confidential client services.

The Criminal Process

Click on the text to learn more about each phase of the criminal justice process and about your rights as a crime victim.

After law enforcement is informed about suspicious activity, an investigation begins. Investigations typically involve collecting evidence, requesting a search warrant, or interviewing witnesses. If you’re suspected of drunk driving, you may be asked to provide blood or urine samples.
Law enforcement may request an arrest warrant from a judge or just take the suspect into custody based on the totality of the circumstances. The arrest or request for an arrest warrant can only be made if there’s probable cause, which is determined by the evidence gathered during the investigation.
Once an arrest is made, the defendant must participate in their arraignment, or an initial hearing, before a judge. The defendant learns about the charges and enters a plea in response.
During the pre-trial, or discovery phase, your attorney exchanges information with the opposing side’s attorney. We discuss the information and evidence we plan on using during the trial. In some cases, a pretrial motion might be filed, which may dismiss certain charges or omit specific evidence from the trial.
If the case is not resolved during plea bargaining, it’s taken to trial. This is where the judge and jury determine who is the guilty party. Your attorney will use evidence to try and defend you. Every criminal defendant has a constitutional right to a trial.
If the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty on any of the charges, the judge determines an appropriate sentence based on your criminal history, the severity of the crime, and other factors. Sentences also depend on the state in which you reside, so our attorneys will inform you of Maine’s specific laws.
Even if the defendant is found guilty, he or she can make an appeal to a higher court. During an appeal, the defendant can argue that certain aspects of the trial affected the outcome of the case. If the appellate sides with the defendant, the court may reverse a conviction or request a new trial.


Aggressive Legal Representation For All Your Legal Needs

If you have been charged with assault, theft, drug possession, or any other type of crime in Maine, contact us now. Our team of attorneys provide professional and aggressive criminal defense representation for all your legal needs.

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The Maine Criminal Defense Group handles all areas of criminal defense representation, including state and federal charges. We are committed to achieving the best client-driven outcomes with the highest standards of legal and administrative professional excellence.

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The Maine Criminal Defense Group stands out from many firms across the state due to our fierce commitment to defending those charged with a crime.

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If you are facing criminal charges in Maine, the attorneys at The Maine Criminal Defense Group are here to help.

Call our office to speak with one of our team members, who will discuss your case with you and set up a consultation with one of our attorneys.

Read Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions for concise answers to common questions regarding criminal charges in Maine. Gain valuable insights & links to additional resources to make informed decisions when it comes to your legal challenges.

Navigating the complexities of Maine’s judicial system alone can be daunting. A criminal lawyer brings invaluable expertise, ensuring your rights are safeguarded throughout the legal process. With established relationships with prosecutors, they can negotiate favorable outcomes and protect your future from the severe consequences of criminal charges.

Beyond legal representation, a criminal lawyer can save you from the financial burden of a conviction. While their services may seem costly, the expenses associated with fines, jail time, and limited job prospects after a conviction far outweigh the investment in legal defense. By advising on the best possible outcomes for your case, a criminal lawyer empowers you to make informed decisions, mitigating the impact of criminal charges on your life and future.

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Refusing a breathalyzer test in Maine can lead to severe consequences. The state’s implied consent laws mandate license suspension for up to six years, and refusal can be used as evidence in an OUI trial, potentially resulting in mandatory jail time. If convicted, you face enhanced penalties, including a mandatory minimum jail sentence and increased fines. Additionally, your license will be suspended for at least 275 days, and subsequent convictions that can lead to longer suspensions. It’s crucial to understand these consequences and seek legal representation to navigate Maine’s complex OUI laws effectively.

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Domestic violence assault charges in Maine carry significant penalties. A first offense is typically classified as a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a fine of $2,000.00. However, you’ll likely face probation for two years and be required to complete a 48-week Certified Batter’s Intervention Program, costing around $1,200.00. These consequences increase if you have prior domestic violence or protection order violation convictions. In such cases, the charge becomes a class C felony, with penalties including up to five years in prison and a fine of $5,000.00, alongside probation. Understanding these penalties underscores the importance of seeking legal guidance to navigate domestic violence charges effectively.

Gross sexual assault in Maine encompasses various scenarios, including forced sexual acts through compulsion or intoxication. It can also involve taking advantage of a victim’s mental impairment or age, particularly if the victim is under 14 years old. These offenses are classified as Class A felonies, carrying severe penalties of up to $50,000 in fines and a maximum of thirty (30) years in jail. Additionally, convictions may result in lifetime registration as a sex offender, highlighting the gravity of these charges. Understanding the nuances and potential consequences of gross sexual assault charges underscores the critical need for legal guidance to navigate these complex legal matters effectively.

Possession and viewing of child pornography in Maine carry severe penalties, including mandatory registration in the sex offender database, public visibility of convictions, and potential federal or state charges. Under Maine Code §284, possessing sexually explicit material involving a minor under 16 years old constitutes a class D crime, punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a $2,000 fine. If the minor depicted is under 12 years old, the offense becomes a class C crime, carrying up to 5 years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Repeat offenders face heightened penalties, emphasizing the gravity of these charges and the importance of legal counsel to navigate the complexities of such cases effectively.

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Aggressive Legal Representation For All Your Legal Needs

If you have been charged with assault, theft, drug possession, or any other type of crime in Maine, contact us now. Our team of attorneys provide professional and aggressive criminal defense representation for all your legal needs.

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