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Orono Maine Criminal Defense LawyersAccording to the most recent statistics on, Orono has a very low crime rate. The crime in the town is one of the lowest in the area. Orono Police force is made up of about 14 officers that are dedicated to keeping their city safe. 84% of the crimes reported are thefts and 14% of are burglaries.

Violent crime in Orono is very low. Offenses such as assault and murder are considered violent crimes. Police take these charges very seriously and are eager to arrest suspects when these crimes are reported. In 2011 there were almost no instances of violent crimes in Orono.

Criminal Court Location in Orono, ME

The Superior and District Courts for Orono are both located in Bangor. Criminal cases are heard in both courts, though only Superior Court seats a jury. Those criminal cases where the right to a jury is waived are often heard in District Court.

Bangor District and Superior Courthouse

78 Exchange Street
Bangor, ME 04401
Clerk: Penny Reckards
Phone: (207) 561-2300
TTY: (207) 941-3000

Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Crimes in Orono, ME

Sex Crimes: Sex crime charges can vary in severity and consequence. Most people think of rape and sexual assault when they think of sex crimes, but they can also include charges of indecent exposure, statutory rape, child molestation or distribution of child pornography. There are many factors that go into the seriousness of these charges and the penalties for a conviction can lead to extended lengths in jail and registration as a sex offender. There are currently 6 registered sex offenders living in Orono. This can affect your ability to live in certain areas and can hurt your chances in a child custody hearing.

Violent Crimes:  Offense like assault and murder are considered violent crimes and are some of the most serious charges you can face. The reports of violent crimes in Orono are very low. In fact, in 2011 there were no reports of murder and only one assault in the town. As a result, police are eager to make arrests and punish suspects when these crimes do occur.

OUI / DUI: One of the most common criminal charges in Orono is DUI. If you are stopped by police and have a blood alcohol concretion (BAC) of .08% and are over 21 or a BAC of .02% and are under 21, you will be charged with driving under the influence. You only have 10 days after an arrest to stop the license suspension process. If you do not act within 10 days, the DMV will suspend your driver’s license. Even a first time DUI conviction can lead to jail time, probation, steep fines and fees, community service, license suspension, and more.

Juvenile Charges: Minors under 18 can still face criminal charges. People who are under 21 can also be arrested for DUI and charged with underage DUI. These crimes can lead to penalties just as serious as adult charges and a conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.

Property Crimes: Theft crimes are some of the most common reported offenses in Orono. 98% of all serious crimes reported in 2011 were thefts or burglaries. More serious crimes like burglaries and robberies can lead to serious consequences including Class B and A charges. Because property crimes have the most common offenses, police are always looking to make arrests and push for maximum penalties.

Domestic Violence: Any offense such as assault, stalking or criminal threatening that occurs between two people who share a close relationship can lead to domestic violence charges. Domestic violence is a big concern to police all over Maine. These charges can result in serious consequences that can have an effect on child custody and other important issues.

Drug Crimes: Another common type of criminal charge in Orono is drug crimes. If you are found with a small amount of marijuana, you will likely face misdemeanor charges, but almost all other drug charges are ruled as felonies.  Drug possession charges are hard to fight because the evidence (i.e. the drugs) is the crime. Other serious drug crime charges include possession with intent to sell, trafficking, prescription fraud, and drug cultivation of manufacturing.

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