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It may not always be clear whether an action is considered criminal or civil violation. Moreover, the civil violation process may be vague and/or confusing. The attorneys at The Maine Criminal Defense Group have extensive experience handling matters involving criminal defense and will be able to provide clarity on where your matter resides. For more information on civil violations read on.
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Civil Actions in Maine

First and foremost, if you wish to bring a civil lawsuit against another party in Maine, OR if you have been sued as a named party in a civil action, it is highly advisable that you contact and seek legal representation from an experienced, competent, and successful attorney who specializes in Maine’s civil laws and procedures.

In light of that very important caveat, you may conclude that there are numerous civil laws, court procedures, and rules that govern civil actions brought in Maine – with respect to both substantive and procedural requirements. And you would be absolutely correct.

One example includes the applicable statute of limitations, which sets forth the relevant timeframe within which you can initiate civil actions. So, do the substantive and procedural rules and laws that govern Maine’s civil actions apply to civil violations?

Civil Violations: A Special Class of Civil Actions in Maine

The short answer is: No.

Despite its name, the “civil violation” came into existence through a modification of Maine’s Criminal Code. Specifically, when Maine’s legislature enacted Section 4-B of Chapter 1, of Maine’s Criminal Code, it created a special class of less-serious civil actions known as civil violations.

The statute aims to make a clear distinction between a criminal violation and a civil violation, by setting forth that,

“A law or ordinance which prohibits defined conduct, but does not provide an imprisonment penalty, is a civil violation . . .”

The law further separates the two types of violations by emphatically addressing the situation where a law or ordinance is referred to as a criminal violation but does not specifically provide for the possibility of imprisonment. If this is the case, then regardless of title, the law/ordinance simply is not a criminal violation (except in very limited situations). Rather, said violation would constitute a civil violation.

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Guidance Provided by Maine’s Courts Regarding Civil Violations

From time to time, the Administrative Office of the Courts of Maine publishes various handbooks and guides regarding some issues commonly faced by Maine’s citizens. One such publication is The Judicial Branch Citizen’s Guide to the Maine Courts, which generally describes how Maine’s Judicial Process Functions. Unfortunately, this publication can no longer be found online.  Instead, the Courts have updated its website with information to help people dealing with civil violations.

Below are some details regarding civil violations.

  • Civil violations include:
    • Minor traffic infractions,
    • Possession of a small amount of marijuana,
    • Violations of town and city ordinances, such as leash laws.
  • In instances where a law enforcement officer believes that an individual committed a civil violation, the officer will issue a ticket or summons instructing the individual to appear in District Court on a certain date.
  • In a trial involving civil violations, the State does not have to demonstrate “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the accused committed a civil violation. Instead, a lesser burden of proof applies, and the State must demonstrate that it is “more likely than not” that the accused committed the civil violation.
  • The State does not need to show that the accused intended to commit the civil violation nor that the accused knew he or she committed the violation (as is the case in criminal matters). Instead, the State only needs to show that the accused committed the violation.
  • Evidence obtained pursuant to an unlawful search and seizure shall not be admissible in a civil violation proceeding.
  • If a party does not appear in court or pay the fine on the day as specified in the ticket or summons, a civil violation can become much more serious. For example, with respect to a traffic violation, a party may lose his or her driver’s license.

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Call 207-571-8146 or contact us online to schedule a consult with one of our highly skilled criminal defense attorneys today.

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