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At The Maine Criminal Defense Group, we have handled a many criminal cases for Augusta residence. With over 50 years of experience in trying criminal cases you have access to William Bly and his team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and tenacious lawyers to help fight for a winning verdict that will help you get your life back on track.

If you have been charged with a crime of any sort, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, you need an Augusta law firm with the experience to know when to not back down and fight for our client’s rights.

Our team will handle your case with respect to your privacy, competence, and perseverance to get the results you deserve.

With our experienced criminal defense lawyers in your corner, feel at ease when navigating the legal system with The Maine Criminal Defense Group in your corner. We will:

  • Defend and negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce your sentencing or charges that will work in the best interest of the client. This may include alternative treatments like rehab programs or community service. We will work with witnesses to gather more information regarding the case, and use it to our client’s advantage.
  • Provide guidance to all our clients before, during and after the criminal investigation and prosecution. We want to provide you an objective perspective which is critical for our clients to understand before they make any decisions regarding their case.
  • Protecting your rights as a criminal lawyer is our number one priority. We want to make sure that our clients, who are accused of a crime, understands their rights and that the courts uphold the law rights.

Court Location in Augusta, Maine

If your arrest for operating under the influence (OUI) occurred in Kennebec County, then your case will be handled in the Unified Criminal Docket, located at the Kennebec County Courthouse, in Augusta, Maine. The court is housed in a brand new, modern-looking building at 1 Court Street, in Augusta, Maine, opening in the beginning of 2015. The new building can be difficult to find, as it’s down a hill behind the old superior courthouse.

However, all criminal district and superior court cases are heard at this new courthouse. Driving directions can be found using Google Maps, but are also available on the court’s website. It is also possible that depending on where in Kennebec County you were arrested, your arraignment could take place at the Waterville District Court. Double check your bail bond or summons to be sure.


There is usually enough parking at the courthouse, but if it’s an especially busy day, you might strike out and have to look for a spot on one of the many side streets nearby. The streets near the courthouse are generally arranged in a grid-like pattern, with Court Street running directly to the courthouse, so as long as you know where Court Street is, you shouldn’t get lost. Give yourself extra time to make sure you find a spot.


Because The Kennebec County Courthouse is such a new building, the courtrooms don’t have delegated purposes just yet. However, most cases are heard in one of the courtrooms on the first floor.

If you lose your way, be sure to ask court security where you should go, and they’ll help guide you – because the building is still so new, they’re used to having to point people in the right direction.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Augusta, Maine

Regardless of where you are arrested in Maine, having a quality criminal defense attorney like William T. Bly on your side can be the best way to prevent an arrest and criminal charge from turning into a devastating conviction. Mr. Bly has extensive experience and a proven track record throughout the state of Maine, including in Augusta.

When it comes to your criminal defense, William T. Bly fights for your rights and interests, both in and out of court. Call a highly experienced Augusta, Maine criminal lawyer at (207) 571-8146 or contact William Bly directly online.

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