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Bethel Maine Criminal Defense Lawyers

According to statistics on city-data.com Bethel is safer than 82.7% of cities in the U.S. The crime rate is more than 50% lower than the average for Maine. This is likely because of the small size and population of the town. The estimated likelihood of being a victim of a crime is 1 in 73 in Bethel.

This does not mean that police do not enforce the law. In fact, cities with low crime rates may be more likely to sentence offenders to maximum penalties in order to discourage other people from committing similar crimes.

The Bethel Police Department is located at:

19 Main Street
Bethel, ME 04281
Phone: 207-824-3437

Criminal Courts in Bethel

There are two courts that handle criminal cases in Bethel, superior and district. Both are located at the same address but have different contact information. Superior court is the only court that uses a jury so most criminal trials are held there unless the defendant has waived their right to a jury trial.

Oxford County Superior Court

26 Western Avenue
South Paris, ME 04281
Clerk: Gladys Howard
Phone: (207) 743-8936
TTY: (207) 743-1688
Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Maine District Court – South Paris

26 Western Avenue
South Paris, ME 04281
Clerk: Michelle M. Howe
Phone: (207) 743-8942
TTY: (207) 743-9624
Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Criminal Charges in Bethel, ME

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are very serious charges and include child pornography charges, indecent exposure, rape and sexual assault. If you are convicted of any of these charges, you can be facing serious jail time and mandatory registration as a sex offender. This can severely impact your career, your child custody status and even where you are allowed to live. Though the crime rate is low, there were 2 registered sex offenders living in Bethel as of 2021.

Domestic Violence

Any type of abuse that occurs between 2 people that have an intimate relationship can be considered domestic violence. This can include spouses, parents and children, two people who have a child together, boyfriends and girlfriends and other close people with close relationships. A domestic violence arrest can also lead to other associated charges such as interfering with reporting domestic violence, malicious mischief, assault and more.

Drug Crimes

Some of the most common criminal charges in Maine are for drug related crimes. Drug crimes are very serious because, aside from possession of small amounts of marijuana, crimes involving drugs are charged as felonies. A felony conviction can have a serious effect of your life that lasts well after your sentence is fulfilled. Crimes such as drug trafficking, drug cultivation or manufacturing, prescription fraud and possession of heroin, cocaine or methamphetamines are all considered felonies in Bethel. Drug crimes are hard to defend because the very existence of evidence (i.e. drugs) is the crime.


A low crime rate means that police can focus their efforts on enforcing laws like driving under the influence. DUI charges are very common in Maine and Bethel is no expectations, especially in areas close to college campuses. The legal blood alcohol concentration in Maine is .08% for adults over 21 and .02% for minors under 21. DUI charges are very serious and even a first time OUI offense can lead to a sentence of jail time, steep fines, probation, community service and more.

Violent Crimes

Bethel has a very low rate of violent crimes. Your chance of being a victim of a violent crime in the town is about 1 in 1,634. That does not mean that violent crimes such as assault, rape and murder do not occur. These crimes are taken very seriously and prosecutors will likely push for maximum sentencing.

Property Crimes

Crimes such as burglary, robbery and theft are not common in Bethel, but occurrences are not as low as violent crimes. Burglary and theft are the most common property crimes that are reported to police. Because it is such a small town, police are under pressure to catch criminals as soon as a crime is reported.

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The best way to avoid the negative consequences of a criminal charge is to not be convicted of one in the first place. This may seem easier said than done, but with the aid of an experienced attorney, anything is possible. Our lawyers have established relationships in Bethel and know what it takes to win cases.

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Bethel and are unsure about what to do next, call our defense firm right now. Our attorneys will listen to your case and help you through the entire process. You’ll feel better knowing that you have an experienced professional fighting for you. Call us directly at (207) 571-8146 or contact us online today.

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