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Cultivating Marijuana and Relying on your Maine Medical Marijuana Card






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Oct 19, 2014

Cultivating Marijuana and Relying on your Maine Medical Marijuana Card

So… you want to grow some weed because you have a Maine Medical Marijuana card. Well, before you go down that road, you better become intimately familiar with the regulations governing the cultivation of marijuana with respect to persons who hold a Maine Medical Marijuana card. You see, that’s what separates criminal conduct from sanctioned conduct under our laws in Maine.

First, if you’re going to grow marijuana, it has to be done in a controlled environment inside a building OR inside a greenhouse outside. That grow area must have appropriate security measures implemented (IE, locks at a bare minimum). If grown outside and not in a greenhouse, then it must be protected by a minimum 6ft high security fence with appropriate safety measures.

Second, in Maine, it is illegal to possess more than 2.5oz of prepared marijuana. It is also illegal to possess too many non-flowering female plants or mature marijuana plants (defined as a harvestable flowering female plant). The number of plants in possession at one time are six (6) mature flowering plants.

If you keep these 2 primary rules in mind, you should be fine. Of course, if you’re a license care-giver under Maine’s Medical Marijuana laws, the amount of plants you can possess at one time differs. As a Maine licensed caregiver, you can possess up to 6 plants per patient and transport up to 2.5oz of marijuana every 15 days per patient. You can be a caregiver for up to 5 patients at one time.

The medical marijuana laws here in Maine are pretty liberally construed and are in place to protect legitimate card carrying patients. Don’t think that you can apply for a Maine Medical Marijuana card after you were arrested for cultivation and think that will make your cultivation case go away. It is illegal for anyone in Maine to grow (cultivate) marijuana unless they possess a legitimate medical marijuana card. it is also illegal to cultivate more than 6 plants at one time per patient. If you want to possess additional plants, you’ll need to apply for a waiver.



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