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Drug Trafficking Suspects Facing Severe Charges in Maine






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Nov 4, 2013

Drug Trafficking Suspects Facing Severe Charges in Maine

An article in The Bangor Daily News is reporting a success in the fight against illegal drugs in Maine. Police in Norridgewock made what they are calling a “substantial” drug bust Thursday night when they served a search warrant at a home where they found several types of drugs and evidence of drug trafficking including:

  • 20 pounds of marijuana
  • 41 marijuana plants
  • 6 grams of cocaine
  • OxyContin pills
  • Hydrocodone pills
  • 2 Vicodin pills
  • Cultivation equipment
  • Drug paraphernalia and scales
  • $2,555 in cash

Three arrests were made and serious charges were filed. 44 year old George P. Chesley was charged with Class A aggravated trafficking of a Schedule Z drug, Class B aggravated trafficking of a Schedule Z drug, Class C aggravated cultivation of marijuana, Class D possession of a Schedule W drug, Class D possession of a Schedule X drug and Class C violation of terms of release. He was out on bail for aggravated drug trafficking in Kennebec County.

Two other men were also arrested; 27 year old Kyle I. Finley and 34 year old Gary Newell. Both are facing fewer charges than Chesley but can still expect steep penalties. Drug crimes lead to very serious consequences and prosecutors will push for spate charges for each type of drug found.

This article is a good example of just how serious drug offenses are treated in Maine. Drug abuse is a concern for police in Maine and sentencing for drug trafficking is very severe. A man was recently sentenced to 10 years in jail and a $2,000 fine for his role in selling a drug trafficking operation in Kennebec County. The District Attorney Maeghan Maloney had this to say about the sentence:

“It is my hope that this sentence will send a message that Maine is not open for the illegal drug business”

This seems to be the attitude of many district attorneys in Maine. If a person is charged with selling drugs or trafficking, they will likely face the maximum penalties.



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