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Jul 18, 2013

Maine Defense Attorney Blog Archive 2009 – 2010


Maine DUI – the New Law

Maine OUI – Blood Test

Maine DUI and Diabetes

Maine DUI trials – does the chemist have to testify?

1st offense DUI. No big deal right?

<ahref=”/Maine-Criminal-Defense-Blog/2009/November/Felony-DUI-trial-victory”>Felony DUI trial victory


Maine Felony DUI Crimes

Maine OUI Laws – Part 1

Maine OUI Laws – Part 2

Maine DWI Facts

Stars Are Not Immune To DUI/DWI

DUI Class Information

Long-term Effects of a DUI

Alcohol and Drugs: DUI Influences


SR-22 Car Insurance Rates

How BAC Is A Factor

General OUI FAQ

OUI Classifications

Driver Vs. Passenger OUI

Your Rights After An OUI

Maine OUI Education

After OUI Conviction: The Next Step

Defending Against An OUI Charge Pt. 1

Defending Against An OUI Charge Pt. 2

OUI Sentencing FAQ in Maine

Appealing an OUI FAQ

Potential Outcomes: OUI Case

How To Become An OUI Attorney

Top Challenges Faced By An OUI Attorney

Important Questions For Your OUI Attorney

Dealing With A Criminal Record

Common Misconceptions – OUI Drivers

A Vacation You Would Rather Forget: Maine OUI Law

Realities If You Are Convicted of OUI

Why OUIs Are Treated Harshly: Maine

Important Legislation: OUI Law Changes in Maine

How Maine Liquor Laws Could Affect You Under 21

Change of Rules When Fatalities Occur With DUI

FAQ About License Reinstatement After OUI: Maine

More Driver’s License Faq After OUI Conviction

Defining A DUI: Maine

Defining A DUI Part II: Maine

Pre-Courtroom Events: Breathalyzer Testing

The DUI Arrest Process

Police Terminology

Understanding BAC


Differences and Similarities Between DWI and OUI in Maine

Explaining OUI Law: Per Se Rule and Zero Tolerance Policy

Explaining OUI Law 2: Miranda Rights

FAQ About Standardized Sobriety Testing

FAQ About Non-Standardized Sobriety Tests

Refuting DUI Evidence

FAQ About Breathalyzer Testing

FAQ About BAC Tests



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