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Offense: Solicitation of a Prostitute, Unsworn Falsification, False Public Report

Maximum Penalty: $4,000.00 fine, 2 years prison (if convicted on all the crimes and the judge were to order that the sentences run consecutive to each other).  Possible deportation if convicted.

Summary: Client, a political refugee who is relatively new to this country, was attempting to meet a woman online.  Little did he know that the woman who agreed to meet with him was a prostitute.  The client met with the woman, shared some laughs and decided to engage in sex.  While the client was in the bathroom, the woman stole his wallet, credit cards and cash.  Client panicked and called the police.  Client fabricated a story about how he was robbed at gunpoint.  Police saw through the story and ultimately charged him with the aforementioned crimes.

Result: All charges filed for one year with a dismissal of all charges at the end of the filing period.  Client had to pay a filing fee and perform 50 hours of community service.  Client’s record remains clean and there is no longer a risk of deportation.

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