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State v. A.E.

Offense: 5th OUI within 10 years

Maximum Sentence: 5 years prison

Mandatory Minimum Sentence: 6 months jail, 6 year loss of license, court ordered ignition interlock requirement, 6 year right to register a motor vehicle suspension

Synopsis: Client was a professional who suffered from a serious alcohol addiction. During the course of a 2 year period, he completely turned his life around by entering into a detox program, then an intensive out patient program, then on to regular counseling and now maintains his sobriety through daily AA meetings. Client was a productive member of society who did a tremendous amount of good through volunteering efforts, even before he was arrested for the recent charge.

Result: As a result of his efforts and the fact that a conviction would mean a loss of ability to hold a position as a professional in the future, the State agreed to impose a sentence that included 6 months jail, a 6 year loss of license and that the Defendant would be placed on deferred disposition for 5 years. If at the end of 5 years the client maintained his sobriety and remained out of trouble, the felony charge would be dismissed and the client would be allowed to plead guilty to a simple misdemeanor OUI.

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