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State v. A.S.

Offense: Domestic Violence Assault; Threatening Display of a Weapon

Maximum Sentence: 364 days jail on each charge, 2 years probation and enrollment / completion of certified batters intervention program

Synopsis: Client was accused of meeting his soon to be ex-wife in a local hotel room where he planned to commit suicide in her presence. Client got physical with the victim and and brandished a pistol in her presence. Client was ultimately arrested without incident. Client suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from his overseas military service. Client enrolled in psychological counseling through the VA in order to get a handle on his personal life.

Result: Domestic violence charge and Threatening Display of a Weapon charges were dismissed in return for a plea to the crime of Criminal Threatening for a fine of $500.00. The resulting plea allowed the Defendant to keep and use firearms in the future, which was important as the Defendant had aspirations to open a gun shop in another state.

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