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Offense: DV Assault, DV Criminal Threatening, Criminal Mischief, Violation of Bail Conditions

Maximum Sentence: 364 days jail on the two DV charges and a jail sentence of 180 days on the Criminal Mischief charge. Total maximum fines of $6,000.00. Total jail exposure of 3 years.

Synopsis: Client got into a heated argument with her significant other. Items in the home were broken and there was an allegation that the victim was cut with a piece of glass. Ultimately, the victim was not interested in pursuing the charges and cooperated with the defense.

Result: Client pled guilty to the charge of Criminal Mischief for a fine of $300.00. The remaining domestic violence and VCR charges were dismissed. Client was a professional and a conviction for domestic violence would have resulted in disciplinary action by her professional oversite board.

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