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STATE v. E.Dp.

Charge:  Passing a Stopped School Bus

Summary:  Client was charged with Passing a Stopped School Bus.  Client had no previous criminal history and had no traffic offenses during the 10 years prior to this new charge.  Passing a Stopped School Bus is a misdemeanor crime in the state of Maine.

Maximum Penalty:  6 months jail; $1,000.00 fine

Result:  Client was at his / her son’s school waiting to pick the child up.  There were school buses stopped in the parking lot with their lights flashing.  A car behind him / her was honking its horn and startled my client who pulled forward, past the school buses.  A local police officer observed my client pass the school buses in the parking lot and summonsed him / her for the offense.  The State agreed to file the case for 6 months with a dismissal at the end and a filing fee of $100.00.

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