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Charges:  Criminal Speed (107mph)

Maximum Penalty:  6 months jail; $1,000.00 fine; license suspension

Summary:  Client was initially clocked by the Maine State Police at 95mph.  However, while in pursuit, client accelerated to 107mph.  Client was subsequently arrested and charged with Criminal Speed.

Result:  DA agreed to dismiss the case after 12 months pending completion of a defensive driver’s course.  In Maine, judges are routinely ordering a minimum of 72 hours jail in cases where people break the 100mph speed barrier.  In this case, the DA was sympathetic to my client who had recently suffered from a severe head injury and was unaware of his/her speed.  Client had also been driving for nearly 20 straight hours and was extremely fatigued.  While not an excuse for the driving behavior, it was enough to establish a starting point for conversation that ultimately would lead to a dismissal.

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