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STATE v. John Doe

Charge: Indecent Conduct

Maximum Penalty: 180 days jail; $1,000.00 fine

Summary: The client, a long-time visitor to a local beach community was seeking a homosexual encounter.  The client encountered what he believed to be a “friendly” male who engaged him in conversation.  The client was under the impression that the “friendly male” wanted to engage in a sexual act with him.  The client led the male to a secluded area on the beach and proceeded to begin to masturbate in front of the “friendly male”.  Unfortunately for the client, the “friendly male” was an undercover police officer who promptly placed my client under arrest for indecent conduct.

Result: The client, who understandably found this entire process a humiliating experience, agreed to perform community service and to pay a nominal fee in return for a dismissal of the charge.

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