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Charge:  Assault

Maximum Penalty:  364 days jail; $2,000.00 fine

Summary:  Client, a recent college graduate, was out celebrating in Old Orchard Beach with family and friends at a local watering hole.  Client, who was clearly intoxicated, accidentally brushed his arm against a waitress’s breast.  The waitress, who was furious with my client, had the client thrown out of the bar.  The police showed up shortly thereafter and arrested my client for assault.

Result:  My client was in the process of applying for teaching jobs and this type of a conviction would ruin his future.  My client denied ever meaning to make contact with the waitress’s breasts and steadfastly professed his innocence.  Ultimately, we fashioned an arrangement where the case was filed for $700.00 and then dismissed.  Client walked away with a clean record and a brighter future.

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