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Charge: OUI .13%

Mandatory Minimum Penalty: 90 day loss of license, 1 year loss of CDL, $500 fine

Maximum Penalty: 90 day loss of license, 1 year loss of CDL, 364 days jail, $2,000.00 fine

Summary: Client was traveling the wrong way down a one-way street when the client realized he/she was going the wrong way. The client turned around but by then it was too late. Client was stopped and ultimately arrested for OUI. Client had a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and was in jeopardy of losing his/her CDL for a period of 1 year if either suspended or convicted of OUI.

Result: I was able to negotiate a favorable outcome with the DA which resulted in a conviction for Reckless Conduct, a high fine and 48 hours in the Alternative Sentencing Program. The client was able to maintain his/her CDL and keep his/her job. The client was ecstatic. It’s important to note that this outcome was only possible due to the fact that I had an understanding and compassionate DA and that this outcome wouldn’t have been possible had the DA not been on board and/or not been as understanding of my client’s predicament.

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