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Offense: Aggravated OUI

Maximum Sentence: 364 days jail and a fine of $2,000.00.

Maximum Sentence: 364 days jail and a fine of $2,000.00.

Synopsis: Client was stopped for suspected drunk driving and submitted to field sobriety tests. Client failed the SFSTs miserably and submitted to a breath test where a result of .27% was obtained. Client subsequently enrolled in a residential drug and alcohol treatment program where he spent nearly 90 days dealing with his addiction issues. On advice of counsel, client wrote a letter of responsibility to the District Attorney summarizing what he had been through, the impact of the OUI charge on his life and what he had learned from the experience.

Result: Client pled guilty to the charge of OUI with a sentence of no jail, a fine of $500 and a license suspension of 90 days. The sentence imposed was extremely lenient in light of the client’s driving behavior and breath test but was reasonable in light of the enormous amount of work the client performed to ensure future success in overcoming his alcohol addiction.

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