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Charge:  Possession of Alcohol by a  Minor & Transportation of Alcohol by a Minor

Maximum Penalties: 60-day loss of license; $1,000.00 fine

Summary:  My client was accused of knowingly transporting his friends who were in possession of alcohol.  My client insisted that he had no idea his friends had entered his car with open beers.  My client, who had not ever been in trouble with the law before, agreed to conduct and complete community service as in olive branch to the DAs office.  It was my sincere belief that the DAs office could not prove his case at trial and I informed the DA of that belief.

Result:  The DA agreed to dismiss the charges upon completion of the community service, which had been previously completed.  My client and his family were ecstatic with the result as they were concerned that even charges as minor as these would impact his scholarship opportunities at college.

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