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Offense: 2nd offense OUI with a breath test above .15%, Failure to Stop for a Police Officer

Maximum Sentence: 1.5 years total on all charges, 3 year loss of license on the OUI and a total fine of $3,000.00.

Mandatory Minimum Sentence: 7 days jail, $700 fine and loss of license 3 years on the OUI.

Synopsis: Client was operating erratically and was reported to 911 by another motorist. Client was signaled to stop by law enforcement but failed to stop until he pulled into his driveway. Client refused to submit to field sobriety tests but made some damaging admissions about his level of impairment. Client submitted to a breath test, which resulted in an elevated test result.

Result: Client pled guilty to 1st offense OUI for a fine of $700, a 90-day loss of license and 48 hours alternative sentencing (non-jail disposition). The prior offense was stricken from the complaint and the Failure to Stop for a Police Officer was dismissed.

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