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Offense: Domestic Violence Terrorizing

Maximum Penalty: 6 months jail, $1,000.00 fine

Summary: Client and girlfriend got into an argument over finances.  Girlfriend accuses client of threatening to kill her.  Girlfriend leaves the home and reports the threat to the police.  Police report to the home and arrest the client.  During the transport of the client to the jail, client makes some damning and incriminating statements.

Result: Client placed on Deferred Disposition for 6 months.  Following the successful completion of the deferred disposition program, the DV charge will be dismissed and client will be sentenced on a Disorderly Conduct for a fine of $200.00.  Client was relieved to avoid a DV conviction as he is an avid hunter and a DV conviction would result in a federal lifetime ban for owning/possessing/using a firearm or ammunition.

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