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Offense: Domestic Violence Assault

Maximum Penalty: 364 days jail, 2 years probation, enrollment and completion of certified batters intervention program (48 week course) and a fine of $2,000.00

Summary: Client was alleged to have gotten into an argument with his girlfriend.  The argument escalated and resulted in the client slamming the girlfriend into a stove and banging her head off the over door, causing a serious laceration to her scalp and a broken door.  Girlfriend called 911 and the client fled.  Client turned himself in and was charged with DV Assault.

Result: Client had a claim of self defense.  While the girlfriend had a laceration on her head, client had bruises all over his arms, chest and neck from where the girlfriend assaulted him.  Client also had 2 black eyes and we successfully argued he was the victim of a crime.  Charges were ultimately dismissed in return for some modest community service.

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