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State vs. J.F.

Charges: DV Assault, DV Terrorizing, DV Terrorizing with a Deadly Weapon (9mm handgun) and Obstructing a 911 phone call.

Maximum Sentence: 8 years

Synopsis: Allegation was that the D, a former Navy Seal, beat his girlfriend up, dragged her about the house by her hair and tried to choke her. It was also alleged that he placed a gun to her head and threatened to blow her brains out.

Result: NOT GUILTY after 3 days of deliberation. Key was the total lack of injuries as well as a self-defense instruction that was granted by the judge. Theory was that the victim was the actual aggressor, that she assaulted the D and ultimately grabbed the gun and threatened to shoot him. Defendant was entitled to use the necessary force to disarm her. The jury did not find the victim to be credible.

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