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Dec 7, 2019

Rosalinda E.


I am delighted to write this recommendation for Attorney William Bly. Before hiring The Maine Criminal Defense Group to represent me I had worked with another lawyer which resulted in a warrant out for my arrest. Being out of state I had to thoroughly research attorneys online to handle my case, and came across The Maine Criminal Defense Groups great reviews! He not only got the warrant dropped immediately but also was able to get the “no contact order” between me and my husband dropped, without me flying to Maine or having to be present which is actually unheard of. I never had to make one appearance in the court thanks to Attorney Bly! Being charged with domestic violence assault could have resulted in 364 days in jail, a fine up to $ 2,000 dollars, 2-year probation, a batterers course, and also not being able to possess a firearm! With attorney Blys extensive experience and knowledge of the court and law and also with his sharp intelligence my case resulted in a FULL DISMISSAL!! With no fines, no jail time, no probation, and no batterers course! Maine takes domestic violence very seriously, I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome, thank you, The Maine Criminal Defense Group! I couldn’t recommend him anymore! Attorney Bly is not only knowledgeable, straight-forward and professional, but he’s also very pleasant to speak with. If you have any questions he will get right back to you and his office staff is also very knowledgeable as well and extremely helpful in regards to any questions you may have. The Maine Criminal Defense Group tells you exactly how it is and will fight and defend your rights as a citizen. He would not stop working on my case until it was the best it could be under the circumstances. Bill knows the law! The results I achieved under his guidance speak for themselves. Thank you so much for everything you did for our family!!



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