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Dec 7, 2019

Bryan D.

Dismissal of Driving on Suspended – Please read if you are unsure if W. Bly is the right attorney!

After looking at reviews online and a brief conversation with Mr. Bly, I decided to retain him. I was charged with Driving on an out of State VA Drivers license. On top of that I was suspended for a case that had significant pending jail time in VA. Even a greatly reduced conviction could have resulted in serious jail time in my home state.

Without having to go back to ME a single time, Mr. Bly was able to get prosecution to agree to dismiss the case if I could submit proof of reinstatement. Because of a mix up in VA I realized I was not going to be able to get my license reinstated. Regardless, Mr. Bly was able to get the case officially dismissed after talking to the prosecution again and removed the charge from the record, saving me a great deal of problems going far past the consequences in the ME District Court system.

My Bly was always extremely quick to respond to e-mails and answer my calls. For a more than fair retainer, I could not have found a better attorney to represent me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WILLIAM BLY to anyone in need of a top caliber attorney!



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