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Dec 7, 2019

David W.

Changed My Opinion on Lawyers

I called Bill and had a consultation. He listened intently to my case and laid out our pathway. He was straight forward, real and didn’t toss me a bunch of crap. I fully expected him to fluff up the case and try to convince me of a win to just get my money. IN NO WAY DID THAT HAPPEN. I felt comfortable right away. At first, I could not afford his services, but on the day I was due in court I called him and he stepped right up and started in just like I had hired him on day one. It was Half the cost upfront, and the other half at the end of the services rendered. My case lasted over a year and had about 6 court visits, (some for the state, some for the DMV). I was busy working and he made it so I did not have to go to any of them. After lots of trial work, we ended up putting enough holes in the prosecution’s case for some great settles. I ended avoiding about $7,000 in fines and fees. I would recommend this office to anyone with a need for solid law representation. Thanks, Bill, you saved my family and a ton of money and kept me from any time in jail. I can’t thank you enough, and if anyone is reading this review, read no farther, take this man’s offer to help, you won’t regret it.



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