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Dec 7, 2019

Jason S.


I found myself searching the internet hoping to find an attorney who I could trust and wouldn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. I was visiting from out of state when I was charged with an OUI as well as a refusal. I contacted Mr. Bly after reading reviews and other client recommendations. I contacted Mr. Bly and he immediately put me at ease by answering my questions and providing legal consultation over the phone, prior to even meeting me face to face. I am active duty military and being charged with an alcohol-related driving offense carries separate consequences in the DOD. Mr. Bly took my case and was able to balance out with the State of Maine an acceptable punishment for my offense taking into consideration my punishment with the military. Mr. Bly is absolutely dedicated to helping out his clients, he has appeared in court multiple times on my behalf and has stood by me for over a year. I highly recommend Mr. Bly and his firm, you will not be disappointed.



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