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The Ignition Interlock Device – A Way to Get Back in the Driver’s Seat






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Apr 16, 2015

The Ignition Interlock Device – A Way to Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

So you made a mistake. Maybe you had a few too many drinks, or maybe your designated driver didn’t come through, or maybe you ran out of money and couldn’t afford a cab ride home. You got in your car and decided that you could make it back, but the next thing you knew, you were being pulled over. You were arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence (OUI), and were convicted.

You’ve paid your fine. You’ve had your license suspended. But that was weeks ago, and now you need things to get back to normal. You’ve learned your lesson. You need to take control of your life again, and stop relying on public transportation, or family or friends, to help get you to the places that you need to be.

You need to get back in the driver’s seat, again.

Luckily, you can get your license reinstated after only serving a fraction of the suspension period, so you can legally drive, just like before your OUI. To do this, you must:

  1. Pay the required reinstatement fees,
  2. Complete a Drug Education and Evaluation Program (DEEP) course, and
  3. Install an Ignition Interlock device in your car.

If you’ve already paid the reinstatement fees and completed the DEEP course, you can file a petition to have the Ignition Interlock device put in your car after a certain number of days, depending on how many OUI offenses you’ve committed:

Number of OUI Offenses Total License Suspension Period Suspension Period that Must Be Served Before an Ignition Interlock Device Can Be Installed
1 150 days 30 days
2 3 years 9 months
3 6 years 3 years
4 8 years 4 years

An Ignition Interlock device is, essentially, a breathalyzer that is installed in your car. Before starting your car, you would have to breathe into the device, which records the alcohol content in your breath, just like at a traffic stop. If the alcohol content of your breath is below the legal limit, your car will start, and you can drive like you normally would. If your breath has an alcohol content over the legal limit, however, the ignition of your car will not work, and your car won’t turn on. This allows people convicted of OUIs in the past to get more control of their lives, and allows them to legally commute to and from work and other destinations, but still prevents them from driving drunk and putting others at risk, again.

The process of getting an Ignition Interlock device in your car begins with filing a Petition for Early Reinstatement with Ignition Interlock Device, and providing the $50 filing fee. If approved, you can pick a state qualified vendor, from one of numerous locations in the state of Maine, to install the device in your vehicle.

Once installed, you would have to use the device before you drive for the remaining period of your license suspension. While inconvenient, it provides a way to get your life back on track before the full duration of your OUI suspension has passed.

As always, an experienced OUI attorney can help make sure this process runs smoothly. Contact the law office of William T. Bly, at (207) 571-8146, so you don’t miss this opportunity to get back in the driver’s seat.



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