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Why Jeffrey Epstein’s Death is Bad News for Other Suspects in His Case






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Aug 21, 2019

Why Jeffrey Epstein’s Death is Bad News for Other Suspects in His Case

An interesting wrinkle in the sex crime case against Jeffrey Epstein, now that he has committed suicide in a New York jail, is what will happen to the evidence that used to be in his possession but could be used against other people in the sex trafficking conspiracy that he allegedly ran.

Jeffrey Epstein Dies in Jail

In a turn of events that tickled thousands of conspiracy theorists, Jeffrey Epstein, the mysterious billionaire with high-profile connections across the country, died in the Manhattan jail where he was being held on charges of trafficking underage girls. The autopsy suggested he committed suicide by hanging.

Conspiracies abounded over Epstein’s death, with theorists claiming that either Bill Clinton or Donald Trump killed him.

One thing that doesn’t hinge on whether Epstein was murdered or committed suicide is the impact his death will have on other, collateral suspects in his sex trafficking case. These suspects include some high-profile people, including:

  • British socialite and friend of Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Prominent lawyer and law professor Allan Dershowitz
  • Former President Bill Clinton
  • Current President Donald Trump
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Dead People Can’t Challenge Search Warrants

While Epstein was alive, he had legal rights to privacy in his belongings and his multiple homes. Police could not just walk in and scour an Epstein residence for evidence of his wrongdoings – evidence that could also implicate his associates or friends. The Fourth Amendment protected against those illegal searches. Furthermore, any search warrant that police obtained had to be grounded in probable cause. If it wasn’t – or even if it was – Epstein could hire lawyers to challenge that warrant in court.

Now that Epstein is dead, that all changes. Worse, because he was never married and seems to be the sole owner of his properties, no one can challenge the legality of a search warrant for those homes.

This has serious repercussions for anyone who was helping Epstein traffic underage girls, or for anyone who had sex with those girls. Evidence obtained from search warrants could be used to build cases of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking against the former, and statutory rape charges against the latter.

Because Epstein has been rumored to have videotaped powerful people in compromising situations for the purpose of blackmailing them, there is the very real possibility that Epstein’s death is only the beginning of this case.

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