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Charges That May Accompany A DUI






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Jun 8, 2011

Charges That May Accompany A DUI

In some cases, getting charged with driving under the influence is the extent of your criminal experience. Once the charges are dealt with and the case is over, you can begin rebuilding your life and getting back to as close as possible to the way things were before the arrest. However, this is not the way it always works, and sometimes other charges accompany the DUI that are very serious and these require just as much attention. The more charges you face, the more serious your situation becomes, and facing the DUI alone is very scary and stressful for everyone in your life.

Felony DUI Manslaughter

The public will eventually forget about seeing you on the news for a DUI arrest, but it could take a lot longer to get past the social stigma if someone is killed during an accident related to DUI. In Maine, a DUI manslaughter charge is a class A felony that carries penalties up to 30 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $50,000. In certain situations a DUI is also classified as a felony charge, which will increase the likelihood of jail time if you are convicted.

Reckless Driving or Driving to Endanger

Charges such as reckless driving or reckless endangerment usually stem from some exhibition related to driving under the influence, such as driving far above or below the posted speed limit. Swerving into other lanes, especially oncoming traffic, can contribute to this type of charge as well. Driving actions that have a high potential of leading to an accident or do in fact lead to an accident, may lead to reckless driving charges.

Assault with a Vehicle/Vehicular Assault

The wording of the charge may vary from state to state, but sometimes driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to a charge of vehicular assault. Vehicular assault is a felony charge, which could increase the sentence that you face if convicted. The more serious the charges that accompany the DUI, the more likely you are to receive incarceration, proving the point that you really should never face this situation without the professional help of an experienced DUI lawyer.

Similar to charges such as reckless driving or DUI manslaughter, vehicular assault deals with the fact that driving is a responsibility that can affect the lives of thousands of other people. A vehicle has the potential to cause serious damage to property and human life, so it can realistically be classified as a weapon when the driver is not able to make the quick decisions and have the fast reactions needed to keep himself and other motorists safe within reason.



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