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Fighting Domestic Violence Charges in the Bangor Area

Domestic violence is a classification given to certain criminal offenses when the victim has a certain relationship with the accused. Relationships can include spouses, former spouses, co-parents, current or former dating partners, family members, or household members who are cohabitating.

Domestic violence offenses can come with harsh consequences, and many people also face a possible order of protection against them, which can significantly limit their rights. It is highly important for anyone accused of these offenses to have the representation of an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Bangor. Call the Maine Criminal Defense Group for help right away. 

Types of Domestic Violence Charges in Bangor

Maine law sets out different types of criminal offenses under the category of “domestic violence.” Such offenses include:

  • Domestic violence assault – This involves intentionally or recklessly causing offensive contact or bodily injury to a victim
  • Domestic violence criminal threatening – This applies when someone causes a victim to be in fear of bodily injury
  • Domestic violence terrorizing – A person makes threats of a violent crime that cause the victim to believe the person will commit the crime or cause the evacuation of a building
  • Domestic violence stalking – This involves a pattern of intentional conduct that causes the victim to fear harm to themselves or loved ones
  • Domestic violence reckless conduct – A person acts in a reckless manner that puts victims at risk of bodily injury

The above can all be Class D felony charges, which can mean up to one year in jail for a conviction. For repeat offenders, the charge can be escalated to a Class C felony, which can mean up to five years in prison. Even if they can avoid jail time, people convicted of domestic violence are often placed on probation and must complete a rehabilitative course.

Orders of Protection

In many cases, the victim of domestic violence will seek a protective order against a defendant. This is a separate case from the criminal charges, and it is critical to have an attorney who can fight both your criminal allegations and against the order of protection.

A protective order can completely disrupt your life, including:

  • Forcing you to leave your home
  • Keeping you from contacting or seeing your family member or children
  • Preventing you from possessing firearms or weapons
  • Limiting where you can go

Violating a protective order is a Class D felony in itself, so you want to avoid having such an order against you whenever possible. If you want to maintain your rights, you need an aggressive attorney who knows how to defend you at the order of protection hearing.

Learn How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Bangor Can Help Right Away

At The Maine Criminal Defense Group, we work to prevent convictions or minimize consequences of domestic violence offenses whenever possible for our clients. As soon as you are accused of domestic violence and/or face a protective order against you, please do not wait to contact us to speak with a domestic violence lawyer in Bangor.

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