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Kennebec County Criminal Defense Attorney at The Maine Criminal Defense Group

Kennebec County is home to Maine’s state capital and over 120,000 people. It should come as no surprise that police and prosecutors in Kennebec County pursue more criminal charges than in many other counties. Some of the towns they work in include:

  • Augusta
  • Belgrade
  • China
  • Clinton
  • Fairfield
  • Gardiner
  • Litchfield
  • Mount Vernon
  • Oakland
  • Waterville
  • Winslow
  • Winthrop

MCD Group Criminal Defense in Kennebec County

Whether you are accused of a misdemeanor or a felony-level offense, invoking your rights and raising any legal defenses available in your case can make a huge difference in the outcome. That process starts with hiring a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the process and prosecutors in Kennebec County.

Between 2016 and 2017, Maine crime data indicates the crime rate in Kennebec County dropped nearly 20 percent. Like in other parts of Maine, the crime rate tended to be higher in urban places, like Augusta and Waterville, than in rural areas.

The lawyers at MCD Group can help you if you have been accused of a crime in Kennebec County. Some of the crimes we defend include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Reckless conduct, including with a deadly weapon
  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder.

By advocating your interests and building a strong case that shows your innocence or challenges the State’s case against you, the criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group can be the best investment you can make in your future.

OUI Defense in Kennebec County

A common criminal charge that anyone – even the most upstanding citizen in Kennebec County – can find themselves facing is operating under the influence (OUI). OUI charges come in a variety of forms, ranging from moderate to severe. They include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Drunk driving for people under 21
  • OUIs for commercial drivers
  • Drugged driving
  • Operating under the influence of marijuana
  • Child endangerment OUIs
  • OUIs involving a crash, including those that cause a serious injury or a fatality.

Some of these are felony-level offenses that carry several years of incarceration for even a first-time offense.

Most OUI arrests in Kennebec county seem to be made in the Augusta area, particularly on the Interstate 95 corridor. However, Routes 201, 202, and 27 are also hotbeds of activity for saturation patrols and the occasional sobriety checkpoint. Colby College in Waterville is also a frequent source of OUI charges. With nearly 2,000 students and a location far enough away from Waterville that students often drive, police know that they can count on dozens of OUI arrests every year.

Apart from checkpoints, when police initiate a traffic stop, they must have reasonable suspicion a crime or traffic violation was committed. When they administer field sobriety tests or a portable breathalyzer test, they must follow a specific protocol. If they don’t, they can infringe on your rights and can get you into serious legal trouble even if you are completely innocent.

The OUI defense lawyers at MCD Group know how to defend against police overreach during OUI investigations and how to invoke your rights to keep the police in line.

Title 12 Violations in Kennebec County

Title 12 is the section of Maine law that regulates how people can enjoy the outdoors and Maine’s abundant natural resources. In Kennebec County, where there are numerous parks, wilderness areas, and lakes, Title 12’s rules and regulations can play an outsized role in how people live their lives and enjoy themselves.

The lawyers at MCD Group help people comply with the laws in Title 12 and help them defend against accusations that they broke the law. This includes:

  • OUIs involving boats, ATVs, or snowmobiles
  • Hunting at night
  • Poaching
  • Fishing

Allegations of Sexual Offenses

Allegations of a sex crime are some of the most complicated and touchy criminal charges you can face in Kennebec County. Many of the same people who insist that the presumption of innocence lies at the heart of the criminal justice system are willing to jump to conclusions as soon as someone gets arrested for a sex offense.

Defending against these accusations can be difficult because they often boil down to competing and contradicting narratives of the same scene. Credibility is crucial, and evidence related to that credibility can come from nearly anywhere.

Despite – or because of – the uphill battle that many people face when they have been accused of a sex crime, the defense lawyers at MCD Group work diligently to defend people against these allegations. Some of the most common sex crime allegations that the attorneys at MCD Group defend against in Kennebec County include:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Sexual assault
  • Child pornography
  • Rape, including statutory rape.

Many of the convictions for these charges carry long-term sanctions, like the requirement that you register as a sex offender. The sex offender registry in Maine can be accessed by anyone in the public, and there are lots of people who seem to enjoy publicizing your past while you try to move past it.

The Kennebec County Court System

Criminal charges that begin with an arrest in Kennebec County will go before the Kennebec County Courthouse. This courthouse is located at 1 Court Street, Augusta, Maine.

Unlike many other courthouses in Maine, free parking is available in close proximity to the building. Because Kennebec County uses the Unified Criminal Docket, your first court appearance – your arraignment – does not require your physical presence.

Your case will be prosecuted by the Kennebec County District Attorney’s Office, regardless of the severity of the charges against you.

MCD Group: Criminal Defense in Kennebec County

Criminal charges are always serious. Convictions do not just subject you to fines and jail time – they also lead to long-lasting social stigmatization and very concrete problems like finding a job while having a criminal history.

Defending against every criminal accusation you face is essential. The criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group can help if the arrest happened in Kennebec County. With our trial experience and familiarity with the court system, the prosecutors, and the judges in Kennebec County, we can invoke your rights and advocate for your interests in court and get the best outcome possible.

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