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Helping Saco Residents Defend against a Pending Drug Charge

Convictions for criminal drug charges can result in prison time, fines, and a whole host of other potential penalties. In some instances, the drugs in question might not even belong to you – and you may not even have known that they existed. Fortunately, there are numerous legal defenses that are applicable to certain drug charges. 

The knowledgeable Saco drug charges attorneys at The Maine Criminal Defense Group can review your case and speak with you about all of your legal options. We could help you introduce a strong defense to your drug charge in court, help you negotiate a favorable plea deal in your case, or ask for a reduced penalty on your behalf. 

If you or someone you love is facing a criminal drug charge, do not delay in seeking experienced legal counsel to represent you. Please contact us online today to learn more about how we could assist you with defending against your pending criminal drug charge. 

What is Drug Possession in Maine?

A person could be arrested for actual possession of a drug if an illegal controlled substance is found on the individual’s person or in something that the individual is carrying. A person might even be arrested for constructively possessing a drug where the drug is not on the individual’s person, but in his or her immediate vicinity or reach area. 

In some instances, individuals are found with large amounts of drugs on their person. When that occurs, there is a presumption that the individual likely possessed the drugs with the intent to distribute and/or sell them. 

What Are Some Other Types of Drug Charges in Maine?

In addition to possessing a controlled substance in Maine, an individual could also face one or more of the following criminal charges, depending upon the circumstances:

  • Possessing drug paraphernaliaWhere the accused is found in possession of pipes, bongs, scales, or other devices which are routinely used to measure or distribute illegal controlled substances to others
  • Drug trafficking Where the accused is found to be in the process of selling or distributing illegal drugs to one or more individuals

How Can I Defend Against a Drug Charge?

In response to a drug possession, paraphernalia, or trafficking/distribution charge, there are several legal defenses that you might be able to raise. Potential defenses to a drug charge include the following:

  • Lack of ownership of the drug
  • Lack of knowledge as to the drug’s presence 
  • Lack of the necessary intent to commit the offense
  • Constitutional violations (i.e., where law enforcement officers arguably violated the accused’s constitutional rights against self-incrimination and/or unlawful searches and seizures

Call a Saco Drug Charge Attorney Today

A successful criminal defense could potentially result in your drug charge being dismissed. Let the skilled legal team at The Maine Criminal Defense Group assist you with defending against your criminal case today. To schedule a free case evaluation and legal consultation with a Saco drug charge lawyer, please contact us online to learn more about how we could assist. 

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