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Scarborough Criminal Defense Attorneys Representing Domestic Violence Defendants

If you are charged with domestic violence, you are facing potentially serious penalties. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can have a lasting impact on your family, freedom, finances, career, and reputation. You want to do everything possible to prevent a conviction for this type of offense. 

Unfortunately, the law is not on your side – Maine’s statutes regarding domestic violence are pretty broad. Domestic violence in Maine is not limited to spouses – it can include abusive behavior between any members of a household, including spouses, persons who are dating, or people who are living together. Further, domestic violence under Maine law is not limited to physical violence. It includes all forms of abusive behavior, be it physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual. Maine law even includes violence against another household member’s pet if that violence is intended to threaten, intimidate, control, frighten, or abuse that domestic partner, spouse, or family member. 

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is a serious matter. You should contact the Scarborough domestic violence attorneys of The Maine Criminal Defense Group to seek our assistance.

Common Acts That Could Result in Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence in Maine can involve many different acts. Such acts include physical abuse that occurs between members of a household where one of those individuals intends to inflict harm, intimidate the other, cause pain, or engage in offensive physical contact, constitutes domestic violence. Such physical abuse can include striking the other person, choking, slapping, or even seemingly lesser actions such as throwing items at them – even if you miss.

Unwanted sexual contact also is considered to be domestic violence under Maine law. This includes unwanted sexual contact between domestic partners or spouses, even if there is a history of consensual sexual contact between the two. If physical force or any kind of coercion or intimidation occurs in order to engage in unwanted sexual contact, that could constitute domestic violence, even between spouses. In fact, marital rape is a felony.

Verbal abuse also is legally considered a form of domestic violence in Maine if the verbal abuse is such that the words or accompanying behavior could give the person being spoken to the belief that violence will follow. Clearly, this form is the hardest to prove, as in most cases, only one person – the alleged victim – can state whether the verbal abuse was sufficiently threatening to give rise to a fear of actual physical violence. The alleged abuser, obviously, would claim it was not. That can make it hard to prove to the criminal law standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Talk to the Criminal Defense Attorneys of The Maine Criminal Defense Group

Charges of domestic violence are serious. If you find yourself facing such charges, you can’t treat them lightly. You should immediately seek legal assistance. The Scarborough domestic violence lawyers of The Maine Criminal Defense Group are ready to help you, so please contact us today.

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