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Somerset County is one of Maine’s inland counties. Home to over 50,000 people, it covers a lot of area and stretches all the way from central Maine to the border of Canada.

Like everywhere else in the state and across the nation, crime happens. The police and prosecutors gather evidence of crimes that occur in the area. Their work tends to focus on the towns and cities like:

  • Fairfield
  • Jackman
  • Moscow
  • Palmyra
  • Pittsfield
  • Skowhegan
  • The Forks
  • West Forks.

Regardless of where the arrest happened or where the criminal charge is being filed, the criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group can help you invoke your rights and fight for your interests.

Criminal Defense in Somerset County

All criminal allegations should be taken seriously, no matter how minor they might seem. The costs of a conviction go far beyond just the fines and jail time that can be on the table. The blemish on your criminal background can be the most difficult thing to overcome.

Crime data for the state of Maine shows that, between 2016 and 2017, crime in Somerset County fell by nearly 16%. Much of the crime that has remained, though, has been concentrated in the county seat of Skowhegan, where the crime rate is among the highest in the state.

The criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group defend against some of the most commonly-committed crimes in Somerset County as well as some of the most severe, including:

If you have been accused of one of these crimes in Somerset County, the lawyers at MCD Group can help you defend against the charge. By raising your rights, our criminal defense attorneys can challenge the evidence that police have uncovered and fight to have it kept out of your trial if they got it by violating your rights.

During the court process, our lawyers can negotiate on your behalf with the prosecutor, providing invaluable insight about what can happen. Finally, if your case goes to trial, our litigation skills can help secure the acquittal you deserve.

Defending Against OUI Charges in Somerset County

Operating under the influence (OUI) is one of the most common criminal charges that people can face in Somerset County. Worse, the people who face OUI charges are often law-abiding citizens who just made a mistake or a poor judgment call. The severity of the charges for that single bad decision can be shockingly high. Some of the charges you can face come with extensive license suspensions and years of jail time, including:

Many of these cases begin with arrests on Route 2 or Route 201. Police know that these are the major thoroughfares in Somerset County and that drunk drivers are more likely to speed and drive recklessly on these roads. This allows police to make a pretextual stop, knowing that they have a ticket or citation to hand out while they investigate the driver for OUI.

While these pretextual stops are legal, they do highlight an important point of OUI law in Maine: Police need to have a reason to make a traffic stop. Without reasonable suspicion that someone is breaking the law – no matter how trivial that law is – police cannot pull you over. If they do, whatever evidence they find can be excluded from your trial because it violated your rights.

TheOUI defense lawyers at MCD Group know how to raise your rights in OUI cases and how to challenge the evidence that is unique to OUI prosecutions, like evidence gathered during breath or blood tests or from a field sobriety test.

Defending Against Title 12 Charges in Somerset County

Somerset County has some of Maine’s most impressive natural resources and destinations. From Moosehead Lake to the Bigelow Preserve and Moxie Falls, the outdoors in Somerset County can be stunning.

But being outside does not mean there are no laws to follow. Title 12 is Maine’s law that deals with natural resources in the state and how you can enjoy them. It regulates and penalizes for violations associated with:

The attorneys at MCD Group can help you comply with these laws or defend against an allegation that you broke them.

Sex Offenses in Somerset County

Charges for a sex crime are among the most severe you can face. Some of them do not just come with fines and a long prison sentence but also the requirement that you  register as a sex offender after your release. Anyone can see and search Maine’s sex offender registry, so the repercussions of a serious conviction for a sex crime are long-lasting and severe.

Some of the most common sex allegations that the attorneys at MCD Group defend against include:

The Court System in Somerset County

Criminal charges in Somerset County are heard at the Skowhegan District Court at 47 Court Street. Unlike many other courthouses in Maine, there is plenty of parking at the Skowhegan District Court, reducing some of the stress a court appearance imposes. However, the distances that some people have to drive to get to this court can be a significant hassle.

The charges will be pursued by the prosecutors at the Somerset District Attorney’s Office.

MCD Group: Criminal Defense in Somerset County

The criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group aim to legally represent those who have been accused of a crime in Somerset County. With their help and guidance, you can rest assured that your rights are being invoked and that every available legal defense to the charge is being pushed to prove your innocence.

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