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Waldo County is located along the Maine coastline between the cities of Augusta and Bangor. One of the smaller counties in the state, it is still home to nearly 40,000 people. It is also a county where lots of people get arrested and charged with a crime in the following cities and towns:

The criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group can legally represent you in court and help you fight against the criminal allegations you are facing.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Waldo County

Crime data for Maine shows that Waldo County is among the safest communities in the state and it is getting safer as time goes on. Countywide, the crime rate was only 8.04 during 2017, meaning there were only slightly more than 8 index crimes for every 1,000 residents in the county. This was less than half of Maine’s statewide average of 16.32. It was also down from Waldo County’s crime rate in 2016 by nearly 28%.

Nevertheless, crimes do still occur in Waldo County. When they do and you have been charged with committing one, the criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group can prevent the charge from becoming a conviction. By raising your rights and advancing any legal defenses available to you, the attorneys at MCD Group can help you fight against charges of:

All of these are serious accusations, even if they seem like relatively minor offenses. For example, while a criminal charge for shoplifting something inexpensive from a store might sound like a minor offense, the repercussions of having a criminal conviction on your background can prove devastating over the long run.

Preventing that conviction from happening is something that the lawyers at MCD Group can help with.

Charges of Operating Under the Influence in Waldo County

Out of all of the criminal charges on the books in Maine, the one that is the easiest for law-abiding people to stumble into is operating under the influence, or OUI. Waldo County is no exception. People in the area get arrested all the time for OUI after making the decision that they can drive home from a bar or a party.

In many cases, they are still able to drive perfectly safely. However, the OUI law in Maine hasper serules that can lead to serious criminal charges for simply having too much alcohol in your bloodstream or on your breath. This can lead to some serious OUI charges:

Additionally, some people can face OUI charges with less alcohol in their system:

Finally, Maine’s OUI laws prohibit being under the influence of anything, not just alcohol. As a result, you can be arrested and charged with OUI for being under the influence of:

In Waldo County, Routes 1 and 202 are policed especially heavily for OUIs. Saturation patrols are common on these thoroughfares because of the volume of traffic and the high speed limits that can make crashes particularly severe. OUI arrests in and around Belfast are particularly common.

Title 12 Charges in Waldo County

Title 12of Maine’s statutes governs how the state’s outdoor resources are regulated and how you can enjoy them. In Waldo County, where there are numerous natural resources that attract Mainers and people from across New England, Title 12 can be especially important because it covers:

Complying with these regulations can be difficult, especially if you need to renew or obtain licenses or a permit to do what you want to do. Fighting allegations that you broke the law can be important if you want to make sure you can enjoy the outdoors in the future. The lawyers at MCD Group can help.

Sex Offenses in Waldo County

Among the most severe criminal charges that you can face in Waldo County is for a sex crime such as

Convictions for some of these crimes carry penalties that last far longer than the jail sentence—they require you to register as a sex offender. With your name on Maine’s sex offender registry, you can be exposed to social stigmatization and discrimination for years after you have done your time.

Waldo County’s Court System

If you get arrested and charged for a crime in Waldo County, your case will be heard in either the Belfast District Court or the Belfast Superior Court.

The Belfast District Court is located at 103 Church Street. If you are being accused of a Class E or a Class D crime–the two least serious of all categories of charges in Maine–and have waived your right to a jury trial, your case could go through this court.

The Belfast Superior Court is where jury trials are held and where some criminal charges are resolved even after defendants waive their rights to a jury trial. It is located down the street from the District Court, at 137 Church Street, near the intersection of High Street.

The prosecutors that will pursue your case will come from the Waldo County District Attorney’s Office.

Maine Criminal Defense Group Defends the Accused in Waldo County

If you have been charged with a crime in Waldo County, you need legal representation to make sure it does not turn into a conviction that hurts your interests over the long-term. The criminal defense lawyers at MCD Group can help. By invoking your rights and advocating on your behalf both in a courtroom and outside of it, our attorneys can show your innocence to the crimes you have been accused of committing.

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