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Paying for An OUI






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Jul 12, 2011

Paying for An OUI

Your wallet is one of the more sensitive parts of your anatomy, although you carry it instead of it being attached, and a hit to the wallet hurts worse than most injuries that lead to hospitalization. The difference is that it hurts more than just you. It hurts your spouse, children, roommate, housemate, and any other dependents. An OUI conviction leads to multiple hits to the wallet, and some cut much deeper and for longer than others.

Fines are often assessed at court, and paying them is not optional. Most states will not allow you to get on with your life until you have paid court costs, meaning that your license cannot be reinstated or your name cleared until these are paid in full. If your sentence was suspended in any way, such as by probation or pending alcohol education, and the fines are not paid, you could wind up having to serve whatever was suspended. On top of this, additional fines could be added for not paying on time.

Probation costs money. You are going to pay your probation officer a pre-specified amount every time you check in to cover the cost of keeping you under their supervision during your term of probation. The judge will determine the amount, but the average cost can range between $10 and $40 per month, plus a daily fee for up to 90 days. These costs are in addition to other fines, such as criminal restitution, that have to be paid at the same time.

Ignition interlock devices are expensive. You will be forced to pay someone to install the device, and then pay a monthly fee for maintaining it. Any repairs or problems could cost more money, depending on the nature of the problem. This can lead to an initial payment of several hundred dollars, plus up to another hundred every month that you have to have the IID installed on your vehicle.

License reinstatement will cost more money. Some states charge hundreds of dollars when you finally get to the point that you can get your license back. The reinstatement fee is not based on your income, and there are not many programs that will help you pay for fees like this under these circumstances. For some, it means waiting even longer while they save up enough to reinstate their license.

SR-22 insurance is a lot of money. When you go to get your license reinstated, you will probably have to show some sort of proof that you have SR-22 coverage for the vehicle that you will be driving. Put simply, this is a type of insurance that deals with increased liability and responsibility for whoever insures you, and it costs a lot more money than standard car insurance. As a matter of fact, it can cost hundreds of dollars up front and just as much every month for as long as you have to carry it.



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