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More Payment for an OUI Conviction






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Jul 27, 2011

More Payment for an OUI Conviction

We have talked about court costs, ignition interlock devices, probation, license reinstatement, and SR-22 insurance as they relate to what things you will have to pay during the course of an OUI case. Operating under the influence is a serious charge, and there are many fees associated with a case. The following are more payment examples for OUI convictions but keep in mind that these are all examples. Any, all, some, or none may apply to your case.

Attorney fees can be thousands of dollars. Retaining an experienced OUI attorney is one of your best chances for a favorable outcome, but the knowledge and expertise that they represent comes at a price. Some will have a flat fee that they charge in order to take the case, usually based on your criminal history and the types of charges that you are facing. Others will charge separate pre-trial and trial fees. The fees several thousand dollars to more than $10,000, and it often does not include filing fees, travel expenses, and similar unforeseeable circumstances.

Criminal restitution may be involved. If there was property damage, injuries, or deaths involved with your OUI conviction, you may be forced to pay criminal restitution to those parties. This is usually assessed by the judge, will vary from case to case depending on a lot of affecting factors, and is probably going to have to be paid at the same courthouse where your case is handled, requiring a ride or postage when online payment is not an option. Restitution is not optional, and has to be paid within the time limit defined by the judge or you risk a lot of additional fines, including having to serve any sentence that was suspended.

Public transportation is not free. Bus fare, cab fare, gas for a friend or family member, and similar methods of getting around cost money. You will need to cough up money every single time you need a ride, and it can very quickly add up to hundreds of dollars a month. Riding a bicycle is cheap, but not always practical, especially if you have a long commute to work or school. Walking is also cheap, but definitely not an option in bad weather or with that long commute. Injuries may keep you from riding a bike or walking as well.

You are responsible for your medical bills. Even with health insurance and medical insurance, you may have to pay deductibles and co-pays in order to receive treatment for any injuries that you had if there was an accident. Not paying the debt will eventually create a poor credit score for you, and this causes problems that would take books to describe, and these are exacerbated by an OUI conviction. Although probably much smaller than other expenses, even a few dollars more a month can cause a strain on your already stretched budget and raise your stress level even higher.



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