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Penalties for Second DUI Offense IID






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Mar 22, 2011

Penalties for Second DUI Offense IID

Throughout the course of this blog, you have been presented snippets of information related to a machine commonly called an IID ignition interlock device. This is a common sentencing alternative to total loss of driving privileges available to certain offenders, such as those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol at least two times. It offers a compromise for those needing to drive to work or school and offers the court some much-needed security for public safety.

Paying Your Dues

You start this process by paying for the device installation, out of your own pocket, and signing an agreement stating that you will be responsible for the machine’s maintenance every month. You bring it back to be calibrated as ordered, and pay for the monthly upkeep charge. This can cost a significant sum initially, and the monthly fees can put a dent in your household income.

Starting Your Vehicle

It sounds like a simple challenge to insert the key and start your vehicle, and in most cases this is one of the easiest aspects of driving. When you are operating a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device, this becomes a serious challenge, especially if you have consumed alcohol. The IID measures your blood alcohol concentration, BAC, and if you are above a certain BAC threshold, the vehicle will not crank. It will also record the failed BAC test to the machine, and the same result happens if you fail during the course of driving.

A Sunday Drive

Even if you pass the initial BAC test, you are also required to pass random tests during the course of operating the vehicle as well. Not just the first time, but every single time you drive the vehicle, even if it is simply driving to the end of the block and back. When required, you will blow into the IID mouthpiece and submit to BAC testing. Failure will result in a loud alarm sounding, and other motorists will be able to hear it, and you are forced to stop and pull over safely. The vehicle cannot be restarted until you pass the BAC test.



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