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Charges: 4 serious drug offenses; a class A, 2 class B, and 1 class C felonies.

Maximum Penalties: Maximum jail time was up to 55 years, with fines up to $95,000.

Summary: We hired a PI and vigorously dug into the witness statements and police reports.  We discovered defects in the witness statements that arguably would lead a jury to conclude that the state’s star witness was lying.

Result: The DA’s initial offer was to plead guilty to the felony charges in return for no jail time and 4 years probation… with 4 years of prison hanging over the client’s head.  Ultimately, due to our diligence in uncovering witness reliability issues, we convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all of the felony charges and the client entered a plea to a misdemeanor drug count.  The client received no additional jail time and no fine along with 1 year of probation.

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